Pregnancy and Diabetes-Pack Your Hospital Bag!

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When your high risk OB tells you to start coming to the appointments with your hospital bag, it’s usually a good idea to listen to him.  My high risk OB told me to start bringing my hospital bag starting at week 32.  Of course my husband and I didn’t listen and showed up at week 32 without our bags.  The weeks went by and we still didn’t pack our bags.  Every appointment, though, went fine.  Baby passed his BPP (biophysical profile) with flying colors, getting a 10 out of 10 each time.  I would also go to the regular OB every week and my little guy was sitting high up, cervix completely closed, no sign that he wanted to come out early.  We procrastinated on packing because it didn’t seem that urgent.  It didn’t seem like our guy was going to come out anytime soon.  It felt like we were going to go until our induction date on November 11th.

Which brings me to last Friday, Halloween.  My husband and I are driving to our high risk OB appointment, jamming out to the Ghostbusters song in the car.  It was a normal Friday morning where we go to our appointment.  We didn’t even have the baby car seat in the car, let alone our hospital bag.  My husband and I were chatting about the work we had to do after the appointment and about the trick or treaters we would get that night.  Then we had our appointment.  (Of course Friday happened to be the first day that our regular OB and high risk OB both had the day off).

After a longer than usual appointment, the high risk OB comes in and tells us we failed the test.  We had two options: option 1 was to deliver the baby right then and there and option 2 was to come back at 2PM and see if baby passed the test in the afternoon.  We knew this day could come.  We were told if the baby ever got a 6 out of 10 or lower, they would deliver him right then and there.  Well, our baby got a 6 on Friday.  We completely freaked.

After failing the test, we were told to go see the regular OB and she told us that we would likely deliver the baby that day so go home and eat a small lunch then come back at 2pm.

We chose the 2pm option mainly because we didn’t have a single thing ready.  We didn’t have our hospital bag, we didn’t have our carseat, our house was a mess (something I was more worried about than my hubby), we didn’t even have a name picked out or a top list of names!  We got home around noon, ate lunch as quickly as possible, FINALLY packed our bag and freaked out for a minute that we could be meeting our son that day.  Then at 1:30, we headed back to the hospital.

Luckily at the 2PM appointment, baby decided to pass.  But barely.  They were looking for movement and hand clenching and we were given a time frame of 30 minutes to make it happen or else he would fail again. Well, he FINALLY moved at around minute 27.  But he passed.  The doctor told us that since he passed, we wouldn’t be delivering him.  But we should keep an eye out for movement over the next week.  He said that if we didn’t feel any movement to come into the hospital right away to deliver the baby.

The next day (Saturday) rolled around he was super active in the morning so I felt a lot better about everything.  But then in the afternoon, I didn’t feel him moving at all.  I started to do the kick counts and I think I felt him move once in an hour so we called the doctor and headed into labor and delivery.  Three hours later and three hours on the uncomfortable labor and delivery bed, we were given the go ahead to head home.  Baby did wake up enough to get some movement recorded.

The weekend was such an emotional roller coaster.  Starting with thinking our day was completely normal and we weren’t going to meet our son for 12 days, to holy crap we could be meeting him today! to nope not today to well OK maybe today to nope not today.  Regardless of what happened, my husband and I now have our hospital bag and we are ready anytime baby Kent decides to join us!  The only problem is that now that we thought we could have met him sooner, we are way too excited to wait until the 11th for the planned c-section.  We will just have to contain our excitement unless he decides to come sooner.

Phew! (and lesson learned-listen to your doctor when they tell you to come prepared!)

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