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Hi all! So I’m getting a c-section in about 11 days and I wanted to get a few photos documenting the last few weeks of my pregnancy but I didn’t want to hire a professional photographer because I’m not feeling all that beautiful (i.e. feeling huge!) right now so it would most likely be a waste of money.  With Pinterest as my inspiration, I attempted to take some photos but they didn’t really turn out well.  Since a few were downright scary, I thought Halloween would be the perfect time to share:

Can you tell which photo came from Pinterest?

Pinterest Fail

Hubby wasn’t enjoying my photo shoot idea so he is making a bad face:

Pumpkin photo

There were actually a LOT more photos but I couldn’t get permission from my hubby to post them for all the world to see.

Happy Halloween from the Kents!! (ignore the fact that my shirt doesn’t fit right and isn’t technically orange-another fail since it didn’t look quite how it was supposed to):

Happy Halloween

One photo that looked OK (notice Chris and I aren’t in the photo :-P):Happy Halloween

***Update!  I wrote this yesterday but as of this morning baby boy has failed his BPP test so we are going in for another one in 2 hours and if he still is failing, we will be delivering TODAY!!! Looks like I might have a Halloween baby.

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  1. Good luck ! Hope he doesn’t fail but if he comes today, Halloween is a pretty awesome day to have your birthday on! (And you look amazing in that black dress)

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