Wordless Wednesday-the Best Time of Year for My Diabetes

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Halloween Candy

So I haven’t done a “*Wordless “Wednesday” post in a while (is it even still a thing?) but I did want to share with you my favorite time of year as a diabetic (Christmas is my favorite time of year for my non-diabetic life).  This is my favorite time of year because it’s when the small “fun” sizes of candy are available and they make the perfect treats for low blood sugar!  The above photos show my three favorite “snacks”.   I’ve often been guilty of over treating a low but when I get a cute little package of Skittles that’s around 15 carbs, it makes the perfect treat to help prevent over treating.  I think the mini sizes of Airheads are available year round but I know for a fact that in the past the fun size of Skittles aren’t so I really look forward to this time of year to stockpile my treats.

*Yes my photos always need an explanation so it’s never really “wordless”

2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday-the Best Time of Year for My Diabetes

  1. I wish I enjoyed candy more. (Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy food and am not thin, sadly.) I wish I could treat lows with chewy, hot restaurant rolls or bread but I stick to the Juicy Juices that are 15 grams or the bigger size that are 24 grams. I miss bread. I never treat with candy unless it’s all I have around. I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving because I have the endo in early November then I’m guessing they’ll want to see me 2- 3 months after that, so I feel I can go crazy w/bread and potatoes on Thanksgiving and not have it affect any a1Cs. Good to know about the snack-sized Skittles! Hope your lows are better and you are in less pain.

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