Diabetes and Pregnancy – Full Term!!!

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So Saturday marked the start of my 37th week, or when the baby is considered full term!  I am ready for him to come anytime now :).   Since my last pregnancy post, a lot has changed.  At my 36 week appointment, I found out that my “little” guy is measuring in at over 9 pounds already.  Because of this, my induction on November 11th has been changed to a c-section.  This was a hard pill to swallow because I really wanted a natural birth.  I can’t really verbalize all the reasons why I wanted a natural birth other than silly sounding reasons like the childbirth classes my husband and I attended made the natural birth seem like an experience I really wanted to have.  But now that I’ve had about a week to process the feelings, I’ve come to terms with the c-section.

I’m a big planner so the fact that I had an induction or c-section date worked well for me.  My husband and I got married on 5-6-11 (5+6=11) so the fact that our little one is going to be born on 11-11 is a cute trend to stick with the number 11 (my family loves thinking about numbers).  The fact that it’s now a c-section versus an induction means I won’t be wondering when my son will make an appearance.  From what I’ve heard, labor can last forever sometimes.  Instead of going through hours of agony, I’ll show up at the hospital at 7:30AM, begin the surgery at 9:30AM and by 10:30AM, I could be holding my baby.  Having the c-section scheduled also helps with my blood sugar management.  I was really worried about how my blood sugar would do during labor, especially if it lasted for a long time.  Now,  I just need to make sure that my blood sugar holds steady from around midnight the night before to 10AM the day of the c-section.  I also won’t have to worry about any possible tearing down below from pushing out a 10 pound baby.  I will have to worry about recovering from the major surgery but I have a great husband who I know will help take care of me in the weeks following the surgery.

In terms of how the pregnancy has been going the last few weeks, I can sum it up in two words: discomfort and lows.  Starting with the discomfort, I’m obviously uncomfortable because I’m carrying around an almost 10 pound baby.  But besides the obvious, I’ve felt extreme discomfort in my joints. I’m not a medical expert so this is all my own deductions but I know that in late pregnancy, the hormone relaxin takes over to get your body baby ready and relaxes some joints.  I think this usually applies to the joints near the pelvis, but I feel like they are also applying to the rest of my body.  Previous injuries that I have had are now hurting again (broken ankle several years ago has been killing me recently and I’ve had intense shoulder pain).  My hips are also very uncomfortable all the time.  I have been finding it really hard to get comfortable in any position, whether it’s standing, sitting or sleeping.

Besides the discomfort, I have also been dealing with a LOT of low blood sugars.  Every single night for the past few weeks, I have woken up to treat a lot blood sugar.  It started with just one low a night then increased to about three lows per night.  I would treat each low with around 20 grams of carbs.  I would adjust my basal rates.  I have finally gotten my basal rates down to where I only have one overnight low and I just made another change today to decrease my basal rates further.  I’m only getting 0.25 units of insulin an hour now overnight, where the rest of the day I’m around 0.6-0.8.  I’ve also had to reduce my insulin for breakfast and dinner/evening snack times.  Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve treated about 4 lows per day and I’m still making adjustments to my insulin needs to try and eradicate the lows.  I’ve worried about having placenta failure with the low blood sugars but all my doctors seem OK with my decreasing needs.  I guess as long as I’m not drastically reducing my insulin and still having lows, I should be OK.  It’s been frustrating dealing with all of the low blood sugars but I guess it’s better than the alternative of having to still fight insulin resistance.  My two week blood sugar average is actually under 100 currently!  I never would have believed I could achieve that in my entire life but it’s not really a result of hard work (although I’m still working hard) as much as it is my changing needs over the last two weeks.

Overall though, things have been going pretty well.  Despite carrying an enormous baby, things look healthy.  He has been passing all of his biophysical profile tests (ultrasound tests and non-stress tests) with a perfect score.  He is moving a lot still.  I haven’t had insulin resistance too bad.  I haven’t had too much swelling or scares or anything.  The only scare I have had recently was intense pain last Thursday afternoon and then again yesterday.  It was pain in my lower right abdomen that came on sort of slowly and then grew to intense pain and lasted for about 15-20 minutes.  My husband called my doctor but she didn’t seem too concerned about it and I go to see her tomorrow so I will bring it up with her then.

The nursery is all set up and my husband and I have done major cleaning and organizing throughout the house.  We still need to pick a name, although we are getting closer.  We also still need to pack our hospital bag but for some reason, I’m procrastinating on this.  I’ve been trying to wrap up last work related items I’ll have on my plate but other than that, I think we are pretty much ready for the little one’s arrival.  I am considered full term now so I am ready for him anytime now!  But I have a feeling he is pretty happy where he is and is going to wait until 11-11 to make his appearance.

37 weeks

I’m also still blogging about my pregnancy with Type 1 diabetes over at DiabetesSisters, so be sure and check out those entries. 

6 thoughts on “Diabetes and Pregnancy – Full Term!!!

  1. Make sure you let both your OB and high risk doc know about the lows. It can be a sign that the baby needs to be delivered right now. As soon as I started having lows with my first pregnancy, they induced.

    • Yeah, that’s what I thought too! I’ve mentioned it to my OB and high risk OB (I see my endo next week) but they don’t seem too concerned. He is still moving a lot so I think that helps justify their decision to wait?

  2. You look beautiful! I’m so excited for you and your husband and for little man to be there soon! I’ll be interested to be reading how life is for you post pregnancy with a new little one and diabetes. I’m sure you probably won’t have as much time to blog, but I hope to read how things go.

  3. As a reader of your blog, for me, your pregnancy seems to have flown by! Probably not the case for you! I hope these last couple of weeks go well for you! I’ll be thinking of you!

    – Vicki

    • Well looking back, I feel like it’s flown by too! I can’t believe I’m going to meet my little man in 13 days! Although I will say, back in March it felt like November would never get here and then things began to fly by until the past few weeks which have seemed to slow down dramatically…almost there though!!

      Thanks, Vicki!

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