The 7th Month-Pregnancy and Diabetes

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Saturday marked the start of my 32nd week or month 8!  I was told at my last OB appointment that I will be induced at week 39 so I have less than 7 weeks to go!  It might sound crazy but I actually feel like the days/weeks/months are flying by now.  I can’t believe since I last wrote about my pregnancy I was beginning the third trimester and now 4 weeks later, I’m through with weeks 28-31 (or the 7th month).

At lot has happened in the last month.  My husband and I finished up our Childbirth class and I think I’m more scared now than I was before, but at least I know a little more about what to expect.  We took a Newborn Care and Safety class so I now know how to give a baby a bath among other things.  My husband now knows how to hold a baby.  I had my baby shower last weekend and got a lot of great things for the baby and as a result, my nursery is getting closer to completion.  My neighbors are throwing us a baby shower on Friday night so I think after that we are going to go to the stores and buy what is remaining for baby so hopefully by next week, we will be all set up.  We did buy our car seat and have it installed so we are ready to bring baby home from the hospital.Baby Shower!

I’ve been in the third trimester for about four weeks and it is not as great as the second trimester.  I have been so exhausted that I need to take like a 2 hour nap everyday.  Thankfully, I work from home with a flexible schedule so I can afford to take a nap everyday.  I have also had horrendous back pain.  The weird thing is that it isn’t my lower back, it’s my upper back.  I’ve been doing yoga and that sort of helps but doesn’t eliminate it.  For the majority of the day, I can’t get comfortable.  However, exhaustion and back pain are the only major issues I am having right now so I can’t complain too much.  I haven’t gotten any major swelling or stretch marks or varicose veins or heartburn so that’s been nice.  I did have a brief period when I thought I might have hemorrhoids but that seemed to work itself out.

In terms of my diabetes, things have been sort of all over the place.  I noticed some insulin resistance creeping up around week 28 and 29.  I’ve been pretty lucky so far that I haven’t seen drastic changes in my insulin needs but that is changing.  I worked with my CDE and we actually got rates that made my blood sugars amazing for about a week.  I seriously thought I was reliving the first trimester with how great my blood sugars were.  This was around week 30 and then week 31 hit and my insulin needs increased dramatically.  I kept seeing higher blood sugars in the afternoon/evening.  We made changes to both my insulin to carb ratio and my basal rates and I still saw high numbers so I made even more changes. Last night was the first night that I noticed decent numbers in the evening but I think that’s because I overestimated my carbs (something I never do).  I get blood work done (A1C checked) on Friday so I’m hoping my blood sugars are still in good enough control to have my A1C be around a 6.  I’ll find out next week.

Also diabetes related, I had a few recent scares.  Last week, my cannula came out of my infusion set and I wasn’t receiving any insulin.  I was noticing high blood sugars but thought since it was evening time, it was just related to normal highs around dinner time so I kept bolusing for the highs.  I’m not sure when it technically came out but I got up to 270 and I decided to look at my infusion set and I smelt insulin.  For whatever reason, I couldn’t see that the cannula had come out, but the smell concerned me so I decided to change my set.  When I went to go pull it out, I noticed that the cannula was out.  No wonder I smelt insulin!  The other scare was last night.  The night before last, I was on like day 12 of my CGM and it was having issues.  It wasn’t being very consistent and as a result it was giving me some false low alerts.  I decided to turn off the low alert and then I forgot to turn it back on.  Well, I put a new sensor in yesterday and it actually was fairly accurate.  Overnight, my blood sugar dropped down to 40 and I didn’t wake up because my low alerts were set to off!  Thankfully, my blood sugar did come back up to 70 by the time I woke up, but it was pretty scary to realize how low I was.  Of course, I never did a finger test so I’m not positive I actually got that low, but it was still scary!Cannula outside-eek

This week I begin going to the doctors twice per week, once to the regular OB and once to the high risk OB.  Next week, I also throw in an endocrinologist appointment so I’ll basically be living at the doctor’s office.  I saw the high risk OB (perinatologist) last Friday and was told some upsetting news.  Apparently I’m growing a really big guy because he is at the 95%!  Last appointment (week 28) he was at the 85% (and at week 24 he was 50%) so the doctor was really concerned about his accelerated growth.  He basically put all the blame on my diabetes control but I have been trying so hard with my diabetes care and my endocrinologist and CDE have seemed perfectly happy with how I have been doing so it’s a little upsetting for the high risk to automatically blame my diabetes.  Maybe it is my diabetes or maybe it’s the fact that both my husband and I were big babies.  I’m not sure what is going on but I’ve been trying to eat good, work out when I can, keep my blood sugars in check.  I’m not sure what else I could be doing right or wrong to have the baby grow at the proper rate.  As of right now my baby is almost 6 pounds and I still have about 7 weeks to go!  If the baby grows at 0.5 to 1 pound per week like they estimate, he is going to be enormous.  On the plus side, my amniotic fluid has gone down to 18 (from 22 before) so that’s no longer a concern.  High amniotic fluid is also a symptom that the diabetes my not be in good control so at least he can’t blame the D for that anymore.

On Wednesday, I’ll be scheduling my induction at the OB’s office.  Initially, she said we would induce at week 39 but I’m wondering if that will change at all since my baby is going to be so big.  I really want a natural birth so I’m hoping his size won’t deter that.  And before anyone starts to lecture me on natural birth over c-section, my main hope is for a happy, healthy baby so I’m ok with either option but I would prefer a natural birth (my endo and OB have both lectured me already that a c-section might be the preferred way and I shouldn’t get my hopes up too high on a natural birth).  And interesting tid-bit that I learned is that a diabetic’s baby has a slightly different shape than a non-diabetics.  Apparently our babies are born with broader shoulders which is why a natural birth is often more difficult for a diabetic.  By the way, don’t ask the doctor what happens if your baby’s shoulders were to get stuck if delivering vaginally.  My husband asked this question after we were told our baby might not come out vaginally because of his shoulders and the doctor went into some horrific detail about what happens when a baby gets stuck-not anything fun I can tell you.

Since I’m approaching week 33 on Saturday, I only have about 6 weeks left (since I’ll be induced at week 39).  I feel like time is flying by but at the same time I know the next 6 weeks are going to drag by.  I can’t wait to meet my big football player and hope that the measurements are off by a little bit and he is born happy and healthy.My adorable cake from my baby shower

8 thoughts on “The 7th Month-Pregnancy and Diabetes

  1. As always, you are doing a great job, Kelley. It’s the doctors’ job to keep track of every tiny detail and you seem to be getting excellent care. Thank you for keeping us updated!

  2. Hang in there Kelly, you’re doing great!! P.S. I’m pretty sure I would flip a sh*t if my doc “blamed” my diabetes for anything, so kudos to you for composure. 🙂 Cant wait to welcome a bunch of babies this November, so exciting!!!

  3. I think you’re doing a wonderful job! Even if he is a little bigger, he’s healthy, that’s what matters. I’m going twice a week now too. Had my first NST today and on Thursday I’ll have a growth scan. The weeks seem to be flying by with moments of dragging. Haha. Sending happy, healthy vibes to baby and you!

  4. Not saying this happens all the time….but I was told during both of my girls’ pregnancies at around week 38 that they were measuring to be 8.5-9 pounds. One was 6 pounds 14 ounces, the other 6 pounds 6 ounces. It sounds like you have done everything right and if your baby IS a little bigger it is most likely genetics. He will be healthy and beautiful, blessings to your family!

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