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Labor Day weekend was this past weekend and I went to a cookout and a baby shower.  Both social settings had me deciding on what was worth bolusing for because there were so many carbs everywhere, I couldn’t eat all of them or risk going way high (I was high anyways on Sunday despite my efforts).

My list of bolus worthy:

  • Cupcakes – For me the number one bolus worthy treat is always a cupcake.  I know that a cupcake is usually around 40 carbs depending on the size and how much frosting.  I will often forgo eating something else if it means I can have enough carbs saved up for a meal for my 40 carb cupcake.Redskins cupcake
  • Cake – Along the same lines as a cupcake, I think any cake product is usually worth the bolus.  I also fit cheesecake in this category but if it’s a dessert that’s not “cakey”, I’ll usually pass.
    Gender reveal cake-After!

    Gender reveal cake-After!

    Bad for BGs but so yummy!

    Bad for BGs but so yummy!

  • Yogurt – I LOVE Sweet Frog.  Maybe it’s more because of my pregnancy, but my husband and I have been going there a lot more the past year than we ever went before.  I get a cup of yogurt from Sweet Frog and for 4 ounces, it’s usually around 25 carbs so I’ll go a little higher usually and get about 30 carbs worth but then I’ll add gummy bears to make it around 40 carbs.  While this is more carbs than I should eat for a snack, I don’t usually care because I think it’s bolus worthy.Sweet Frog yogurt
  • Donuts, Muffins and Panera Bagel – Not to sound like a total carboholic but I also love muffins (blueberry muffins-yumm!), donuts (Powdered Sugar from Dunkin Donuts is my absolute fav!) and Cinnamon Crunch bagels from Panera.  I don’t like any other bagels, just the Cinnamon Crunch bagels.  Muffins and my Panera bagel have around 75-80 carbs, but I think they are well worth it.  Donuts usually have less, around 25-40 so I don’t mind indulging in those a little more often.Panera Cinnamon Crunch Bagel

On my list of maybes:

  • Bread – I hate sandwich bread.  It’s not worth it to me to have carbs on a sandwich or a burger.  I’ll often order a burger but take the bun off and eat just the meat.  Also, bread with butter or corn bread is usually a no-go for me.  However, I put this on my maybe list because I LOVE bread with oil and seasoning, like bread at a restaurant such as Macaroni Grill.  I will ALWAYS choose to bolus for that bread (although I usually under-count the carbs).
  • Fries – Some fries at restaurants are just not worth it.  However, sometimes I just really crave a fatty meal and McDonald’s french fries hit the spot.  French fries are my Achilles’ heal though because I find them so hard to carb count, which is why I love McDonald’s because I know roughly how many carbs I am eating based on the size of fry that I order.
  • Rice – I will normally pass on rice but sometimes I LOVE rice like if it’s part of beef fried rice or coconut rice (which I had when I took a cooking class at Sur La Table-yummm).
  • Pasta – Pasta is hard for me to carb count.  I always under count.  I used to love eating spaghetti but recently I’ve been more conservative with my carbs and haven’t enjoyed it as much as I would a different type of entree (like chicken and veggies).  I will still eat lasagna though because that doesn’t seem to affect my blood sugar as much and it’s so yummy.

Not worth the bolus:

  • BANANAS (said in a minion voice) – Bananas always end up having way more carbs than I realize and I SUCK at carb counting them.  They have screwed me over too many times, so I will usually pass on them (exception being after running a race, I’ll indulge).
  • Chips at a Mexican restaurant – I LOVE chips at a Mexican restaurant.  However, I NEVER count them, and as a result, I never bolus enough.  I have no self control when it comes to Mexican restaurant chips so I don’t think they are bolus worthy because I never get it right.  I won’t go out of my way to avoid a Mexican restaurant but if I’m offered a choice, I’ll try to stay away just because I know I lack any and all control.
  • Cookies – Cookies are actually on my list of not worth it.  I do like cookies but they often have more than I realize and it’s not usually worth it to me.  I used to buy pre-packaged bags of animal crackers, which I LOVE, but one bag has about 40 carbs in it so if I am eating it with lunch, it takes up all of my carbs for that meal (since I’m trying to stick to under 50 carbs per meal).  Girl Scout cookies are another type of cookie that I love but only 5 cookies are 20+ carbs and I can eat way more than 5 cookies in a sitting, so I often regret eating them when I’m done.Animal Crackers cookies-yumm

I know I’m missing some on my totally bolus worthy list and not touching list.  What are on your list of bolus worthy food?

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  1. You lost me when you mentioned the national casual-dining chain restaurant bagels. (I think you need to spend a little more time in New York!!)

    Seriously though, I’d put ice cream at the top of my bolusworthy list. I love cheesecake too, but there’s too much carby guilt with that one.

    When it comes to the honorary Wayne & Garth “We’re not worthy” list, I’d put the Stauffer’s Animal Crackers in that list (sorry!). But I totally agree with you on the Mexican restaurant all-you-can-eat chips…those things are evil.

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