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At my old job, where I worked for 5 years, I was given the nickname of Bubbles. It was a name provided by two of my co-workers who had nicknames for everyone. I don’t necessarily condone what they were doing because some weren’t so nice, but I was happy that mine wasn’t too bad.

September DSMA Blog Carnival

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This month’s DSMA Blog Carnival Prompt:

Most medical appointments involve notes of some kind. Notes the patient brings with questions and concerns. Notes a patient makes about the doctor’s instructions. And, of course, notes our doctors make in our medical charts. It had never occurred to me to keep track of the notes being made in my chart until our August 20th chat about “Notes”. So this month, let’s explore that topic and answer the question . . . .

Do you request a copy of your medical notes? If so, how often? If not, why?

Using my Bolus Wizard

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My current Medtronic pump and previous Medtronic pumps (that I can remember) have all had a nice feature called the “Bolus Wizard”. The bolus wizard was made to help take the mathematics out of diabetes, or at least ease the pressure of needing a math degree to stay healthy. Based on your blood sugar, your carb count, your insulin to carb ratio (I:C ratio) and your correction factor, it will figure out how much insulin you need for a meal or for a blood sugar correction. I rely on it so much now that I’m not sure I could even tell you my I:C ratio (I now have 4 different I:C ratios so that complicates things further).

Bolus Worthy Food

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Labor Day weekend was this past weekend and I went to a cookout and a baby shower.  Both social settings had me deciding on what was worth bolusing for because there were so many carbs everywhere, I couldn’t eat all of them or risk going way high (I was high anyways on Sunday despite my […]