Thankful for Diabetic Friends

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Growing up, I always loved kids.  I babysat all the time.  I was always so excited to have a family of my own. As I got older and reality set in that babies could be on the horizon, my tone changed and I wasn’t sure anymore if I wanted kids.  My husband and I love our lives and we love to travel and kids didn’t quite fit into that equation.  The main reason though, was that I was also scared to get pregnant with my diabetes.  I didn’t really know what to expect and it terrified me.

Before joining the Diabetes Online Community (DOC), I only knew a couple of people with Type 1 diabetes.  And of those two, only one had gone through pregnancy with diabetes, Jane.  Thanks to Facebook, I’ve been able to keep in touch with Jane throughout the years (she was actually a friend of my mom’s who moved away from my area years ago, that has T1D and has had 4 healthy boys!) and she’s been a great resource but her sons are a little older so she went through the pregnancy a few years back.

Thanks to the DOC, I was able to find blogs of other Type 1 diabetics who have recently gone through pregnancy.  I was able to find support groups like Diabetes Sisters’ and Insulindependence.  It was through these groups that I met two important people, Emily and Lauren.  Both ladies are T1D who have recently given birth (actually both in January, right before I found out I was pregnant).

I met Emily through Insulindependence.  She has one daughter and gave birth to her son back in January.  She was actually the first person I told when I found out I was pregnant.  If you read my post on Getting Pregnant, you will know that I didn’t think I would get pregnant right away and I was sort of upset and let my blood sugars slip a little bit.  I was told by doctors that my A1C needed to be under 6.5 when I conceived and when I found out I was pregnant, I knew my blood sugars were not as good as they should have been (my A1C ended up being 6.8 when I conceived).  When I got that positive result, I immediately contacted Emily freaking out about my high blood sugars.  She calmed me down and has since been great about answering every little question that has popped up.

Lauren I met through Diabetes Sisters’.  She is the leader for my local group and when I first met her, she was about 6 or 7 months pregnant.  I was thinking about getting pregnant when I first met her, so she answered a lot of questions I had before I got pregnant and has been answering all my questions since then.

Had I not joined the DOC, I never would have found out about Diabetes Sisters’ or Insulindependence, so I would never have met Lauren and Emily.  It has been great to have diabetes friends that I know in real life, but I’ve also been blessed to “meet” several other amazing women thanks to the DOC.  These women I haven’t met in real life but they have provided a lot of support these past 7 months.

Liz from the blog Life or Something Like It has been great.  She is due about the same time that I am so we are going through similar issues.  I’ve read her blog, she’s commented on mine and we chat on Twitter frequently.  She’s been so supportive and I’m glad I’ve been able to connect with her.

My online support group also includes the following amazing ladies:

  • Rhonda from Fifteen Wait Fifteen, she has gone through pregnancy with diabetes and has provided a lot of support and tips
  • Laddie from Test Guess and Go, she is probably the most supportive person I know in the DOC and I’m thankful my blog is one of the ones on her list to read :).
  • A couple of “Twitter friends”-Val (@val_talk) is also pregnant now so it’s been nice to chat with her on Twitter some about the pregnancies and what we are going through and Sara (@pumpydavies) recently had a baby so it’s been nice to talk about what she went through but also to see all the cute photos she posts of her healthy boy.

Being pregnant has been pretty overwhelming at times, and then adding diabetes to the mix turns it up to a whole new level.  I am incredibly blessed that I have found a good team of doctors to support me and have my supportive husband to help, but I am exceptionally thankful for having my diabetic friends, that know what I’m going through and have been through the same thing or are going through the same thing.  Because of my diabetic friends, I became more educated and informed and less terrified about the thought of getting pregnant, or of being pregnant and while overseas trips might not be in my immediate future, I am now very excited about my upcoming expanded family.

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