Don’t Lay on Your Back During Late Pregnancy

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If you are pregnant, after a certain number of weeks, you should NOT lay down on your back.  The reason is that as your uterus gets heavier from the growing baby, it puts pressure on a major blood vessel that sends blood to your heart and brain.  I knew this and I have taken good care to not sleep on my back after around 15 weeks, thanks to my Snoogle.  However, on Friday I laid too long on my back.

I was at my 28 week perinatologist appointment.  I had a new ultrasound tech and when I laid down on the seat, I thought it felt too low but I figured the ultrasound tech knew how far back I should be laying.

It didn’t take long for the sh*t to hit the fan.  After about 8 minutes, my back started to kill me.  The ultrasound tech didn’t have any bedside manner and told me not to talk while she was working so I tried to adjust myself without letting it known I was in pain.  About one minute later, I started to freak out.  At first, I thought maybe my blood sugar was low.  I asked my husband to grab my test kit out of my purse but then I quickly realized that wasn’t it.  I got dizzy and lightheaded.  The symptoms were sort of similar to a really low blood sugar but worse.  I couldn’t breath well.  I got sweaty and fainted.  It was one of the scariest things to ever happen to me.

I think the ultrasound tech felt bed and realized she was in the wrong.  I’m guessing she was just a temp so I felt bad that it happened on her watch but I was also upset that it could have potentially done harm to my baby.  Also, she was afraid to go back to continue the ultrasound so she finished up and said she got all the measurements she needed.

I spent the rest of the day shaky with a headache.  The one positive of the whole situation is that I was at the doctor’s office when it happened.  Now I know what it feels like when the uterus is putting pressure on the blood vessel.  I hope no pregnant woman has to go through that because it was very scary and left me worried for a few days.  Baby didn’t kick much on Friday but has since resumed his aerobics and ninja moves.

My amazing Snoogle:

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  1. The circulation system of the brain is separate from the rest of the body, but laying wrong could cut off circulation for the abdominal aorta (which brings down oxygenated blood) and the inferior vena cava (which brings up deoxygenated blood). That of course would limit the available blood for the brain. Anyway, that anatomy lesson was just to say that this could have done a lot of harm to YOU. Putting pressure on those vessels, either or both of them, would affect your entire body. Anyone working with pregnant women should understand the importance of positioning! I hope she’s more careful going forward!

    • Aw, haha thanks…yeah I’m not an expert on human anatomy so I wasn’t sure all that caused it, except for a little Googling I did. Yes, it was so scary; I really hope she is more careful going forward and I hope my regular lady is back next time!

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