Entering the Third Trimester!

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The second trimester was 1,000 times better than the first. My symptoms subsided; I was able to get some sleep; my blood sugars have remained fairly stable. I think my last update was around the first half of the second trimester, so I’ll focus on the second half in this post with what’s been going on with me.

Week 28

Week 28

I had my week 24 and week 28 perinatologist appointments. Prior to these appointments, all I heard was that everything was fine. While at the time it annoyed me, I’m now looking back and wishing I were still hearing that. At the week 24 appointment, the doctor told me that my amniotic fluid was on the higher side of normal. “Normal is considered up to 18, but the amniotic fluid isn’t considered “high” until it gets to 24. I was at 22 so not quite high but not quite normal either. The doctor told me this was something to keep an eye on. He wasn’t too concerned but of course I went home and Googled it and everything Google had to say was scary. Luckily at the week 28 appointment, it was at 21 and while it was still a little on the higher side, it wasn’t getting any higher so I’m a little less concerned now.

At the week 24 appointment, baby boy weighed in at the 50% but at week 28, he has had accelerated growth and is now in the 80% with his abdomen charting in at the 85%. The doctor seemed concerned about this and thought I had poor diabetes control as the cause. I have tried really hard to have good blood sugars and my last A1C was 5.5 so I’m not sure what else I could be doing. The last few weeks weren’t as great as the insulin resistance kicked in and I was traveling but I couldn’t imagine that a few bad weeks (where my average was like 130 not 105) could be doing that much damage? My husband and I are both bigger people and we were both really big babies so it seems more likely to me that the 80% should be where our son should normally be but what do I know. Bottom line, I need to be better with my diabetes care (no pressure there!).

Not much to report from my OB appointment at week 24 and likewise same for my endocrinologist appointment at week 25. At my OB appointment, she was just trying to calm my fears about the high amniotic fluid and at my endo appointment, my doctor made a few tweaks to help combat the increasing insulin resistance but she thought my blood sugars were looking pretty good. I go back to the OB on Wednesday and then my endo the following Wednesday.

I’ve continued to work with my CDE on a weekly basis and she has helped me to make more tweaks to my rates. The last few weeks I have really seen the insulin resistance creep up. So I’m working with her to make sure I avoid the higher blood sugars as much as possible. The week leading up to the NYC trip and the week of the trip, weren’t too great for my blood sugars but since I’ve been home, I’ve been really diligent to try and keep my blood sugars in check. Interestingly enough though, my daily insulin needs haven’t increased too much (maybe from like 28 units per day to 31 units). I think I can attribute that mainly to the fact that I’ve been trying to cut out my carbier meals. I would go to Panera and get a bagel that had 80 carbs in it back in my first trimester but I haven’t done that in the last few weeks.

In terms of pregnancy symptoms, I was cruising pretty well much of the second trimester. My belly is getting huge so I’m at the point where people see me on the street and give me a nice smile, which is a nice feeling. Up until the NYC trip, I didn’t really have any pains. However, that all changed during the trip and after. Since the trip, I have had horrible lower back pain. I’m guessing it was from all the walking and carrying around the big belly. I’ve been trying to rest more since I got home but I am still in a lot of pain. It’s gotten so bad that I have trouble sitting or laying down for a long period of time, which is not good for trying to get a good night’s sleep. I’m hoping it calms down some but I’m going to get back to swimming and prenatal yoga to see if they help at all. In terms of weight gain, I am at around 20 pounds, which is at the higher end of the recommended weight gain for me, but still within range (at week 28, it is recommended that I should have gained between 14.4 to 21.4 pounds). I think I can attribute a lot of the weight gain to the fact I ate a LOT in NYC.

Throughout the second half of the second trimester, I did manage to get to the pool around three times per week to swim laps but I never got around to walking as much as I should or doing my prenatal yoga. The pool closes this week so I’m going to start incorporating twice-daily walks and prenatal yoga to compensate for the pool closure. I am going to be sad that the pool is closing because it’s been a nice exercise for my body and belly.

Also in the last few weeks, my husband and I have attended a lot of pregnancy classes. We first started with an infant CPR class. The information was good but I feel like I will forget it all if an emergency actually arises (maybe I should take the class again). Next, we took a breastfeeding class and it was completely overwhelming. I had no idea there was so much to learn about breastfeeding but I’m so glad I took the class so I can give it a good go once baby comes. We also started our childbirth class, which is a 4-week class that runs through middle September. In our first class, we learned a breathing technique for labor and some exercises I should be doing as the weeks progress. I admit I haven’t been practicing since the class, so I need to get better. Tonight we have a Happiest Baby on the Block class and then next week we start Newborn Care and Safety. We are going to be two really educated parents! It’s so nice the hospital offers these classes and most of them are free.

During the second half of the second trimester, I have also been continuing to blog for Diabetes Sisters’ so go over to their website to check out some of my entries.

The second trimester for the most part flew by. Now that I’m officially in the third trimester, I am anticipating the time to slow down some because I’m so anxious to meet my son. He has been kicking up a storm though, so I’m going to be sort of sad once he’s out but looking forward to his snuggles instead of his kicks. About 11 weeks to go! Can’t wait :).

My little man

My little man

4 thoughts on “Entering the Third Trimester!

  1. I know it’s hard, but try not to stress out 🙂 The classes are great to take (our family is still friends with 4 other families from the classes we took at the hospital! It’s great seeing all the kids growing up together) but I swear, no matter how prepared and how educated you feel, the second you leave the hospital it’s like, “oh crap, they are letting us take the baby home already??!!!” Enjoy as much as you can – it’s a wild and fun ride!

  2. Reading this I now really want to take the classes myself! Only one person I know has actually taken classes and they took the Bradley Method which I considered until I found out it was 12 weeks and $300! Most of the mamas I know either have taken online courses, read a ton or did the express where its everything in one day. I’ve heard the classes aren’t worth it so I’ve been really hesitant to sign up. But I’m also wondering if it’s totally a personal preference. Your clases sound like they’ve been great.

    On another note, I’m sure that your big boy is just genetics and that there is nothing for you to feel guilty for. As long as he is healthy that’s what matters. You are doing great!

    • Yeah, my Childbirth class cost $60 and the Happiest Baby on the Block cost $12, but only because we got a DVD afterwards. All the rest were free. I think they are definitely worth it. Some are packed with a lot more information than others but I think each one has provided valuable information so I’d recommend them!

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