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I’ve always LOVED sleep.  I was never one to pull an all nighter in college or stay out until 2AM bar closing time.  I could sleep until noon if you let me.  I love sleep.  I knew that once I got pregnant, I wouldn’t be getting sleep for a while but I had no idea it would hit me before baby boy was even born.

Overall, the second trimester has been amazing.  All the crappy first trimester symptoms gone and I’m just enjoying the pregnancy.  However, sleep has not been my friend.  I miss my ole buddy.

Before getting pregnant, my CGM high and low alerts were much different.  Overnight, my high alert was 200 and my low alert was 75.  Well, my low alert is still 75 but now my high alert is 140.  Before getting pregnant, I would hover in the 150’s or higher while sleeping.  Now, I correct a blood sugar if I see a 110.  I usually sleep around 90 overnight, something that I would used to treat for a low if I wasn’t pregnant.

What does all this mean?  Well it means my high and low alerts go off a LOT more often.  Because I hover around 90, I often dip down to the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s overnight.  Sometimes when I’m 80, which is perfect, my CGM thinks I’m really 70 and it alerts me to a low.  The low alerts are the WORST.  I have my low alert set to remind me every 15 minutes so if my CGM thinks I’m 60 but I’m really 80 and I don’t need to treat, I just have to hope it corrects itself to know I’m not really low.  This unfortunately, never happens though so I deal with about two hours of low alerts before I finally decide to treat my “low”.

Low alerts

Low alerts

Low alerts

Low alerts

The high alerts are less often but still go off from time to time.  Because my high alert is now at 140, I hear it a more often than I would if it were still set at 200 but not as often as I probably would have heard it if I wasn’t pregnant.  I usually hear my high alert earlier in the overnight hours as my blood sugar is coming down from my evening snack at 10PM.

High alerts

High alerts

With the high and low alarms going off a LOT more now than they ever have, I rarely get a good night’s sleep.  No matter how hard I try to have good blood sugars, I can never quite get it right.  Going to bed I might have too much stacked insulin causing me to drop low overnight or I started with a high and was a sticky high and never quite came down, or the CGM is not quite in line with my actual blood sugars.

Throw into the mix tossing and turning with my growing belly, afraid to sleep on my back (thank you Snoogle for helping with this issue!)  and a need to pee at least twice per night and I can’t remember what it was like to go a straight 8 hours sleeping.  I’m sure as my belly gets bigger, I will find it even harder to sleep, which I’m not looking forward to at all.

I miss my best buddy, sleep.  And before anyone comments that oh this is just practice for when baby comes, let me tell you that I think I would be just fine without this “practice”.

*One note is that I wrote this last week and somehow miraculously my blood sugars have done well overnight for the past week so I’m actually feeling a little more rested…I hope it keeps up!

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  1. Hi Kelley,

    Thanks for sharing your trials with pregnancy and type 1 diabetes. Just remember though, you’ll be getting even less sleep once that baby is born! Good luck and hope to read more of your endeavors and running adventures!

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