Pregnancy Weeks 20-22

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Today, I am 23 weeks pregnant.  A lot has happened since the end of week 19 when we found out I was having a boy. My husband and I are still no closer to picking out a name but we have tackled our registry and ordered nursery furniture so I’m feeling a little better about things. Figuring out what to register for/what a baby needs feels like a full time job!  Granted, I think my husband and I over-research things but it took a long time to figure out what exactly we would need.

Over the last three weeks, a lot has happened with my health too.  Luckily, I still haven’t noticed any insulin resistance starting, although I’m thinking it will start any day!  Since I found out my A1C was 5.5, I’ve been slacking a little bit on my diabetes management.  I can’t explain why this happens but I think I focus so hard on getting a good number before my blood work that I almost burn myself out.  I haven’t actually hit burnout extremes yet but I haven’t been as diligent about what I eat or waiting every two hours so I’ve noticed my blood sugars creeping up more than they should.   I was debating if I could attribute the increasing numbers to my insulin resistance starting but I think it more has to do with how crappy I’ve been eating.  I think I’ve gotten the “burnout” out of my system now so I’m back to trying to be extra careful with what I eat, how often, etc.

In terms of pregnancy symptoms, things have completely calmed down.  All the crap I was feeling in the first trimester is for the most part long gone and I’ve actually started to sleep a little better overnight, thanks to my snoogle (body pillow), stabilized blood sugars (no annoying CGM alarms) and restricting my liquid intake at night/peeing right before bed.  I still wake up probably once a night to pee but overall, I’m feeling much better than a few weeks ago.

I met with my endo two weeks ago and besides being happy about my A1C, she was really happy with the range of my numbers overall.  We made one slight change to my insulin to carb ratio for breakfast because I was starting to see higher spikes after eating, despite my pre-boluses.  This change has seemed to work for the most part but I do notice slightly lower numbers leading into lunch than I saw before (in the 60’s and 70’s).  One thing that has changed is my blood pressure was slightly higher than normal.  For the majority of my pregnancy, my blood pressure was low and now it’s transitioned to on the higher end of normal, so something to keep an eye out for.  I also met with my CDE and she has been so amazing at answering my questions.

This past week, I had an eye doctor appointment and despite what my high-risk OBGYN said, I don’t appear to be going blind.  I had read and my doctor also recommended I see the eye doctor while pregnant but when I got to the eye doctor it was interesting to note that they can’t dilate your eyes while you are pregnant (in rare cases they do but I didn’t qualify).  So it wasn’t as thorough an exam as I usually have but I guess the doctor could see enough to know things were going well.  I asked if I need to come back after I delivered to get my eyes dilated but he said I should be fine waiting another year before seeing him again.  One funny thing did happen while he was looking into my eyes.  He asked me casually if I was planning on breastfeeding.  I thought he was trying to make chit chat while examining my eyes and I thought that was a rather odd question to ask conversationally.  Well, it turns out if you are breastfeeding, you can’t get your eyes dilated then either.  So it might be a while before I actually have a thorough eye exam.

Two weeks ago, I saw the dentist because it’s important to watch out for gum disease when pregnant.  Interesting fact is that a lot of dental insurance companies cover more than two exams per year when you are pregnant.  Since I don’t have dental insurance, this doesn’t apply to me but I guess good to know for the future. Since I am pregnant, they couldn’t do x-rays that I’m due for but they did examine my teeth and everything looks good-no cavities!  My gums did bleed a lot but the dentist wasn’t concerned since it seemed fairly normal for pregnant women.

I also had my perinatologist appointment (high-risk), where I found out I was having a boy and I had my regular OB appointment and all was “fine” at both appointments.  I guess I like to know a lot but neither doctor really provided much information as to what they were looking at or doing other than telling me everything was “fine” so far.

I also started on my new CGM in the last few weeks and you can check out how that went.

In terms of exercise, I have been great about swimming three times a week but I have not been doing my prenatal yoga dvd or walking/running.  I attribute my lack of walks/runs to the hot weather but I need to start working those into my day by going early in the morning or later in the evening.

And finally, over the last few weeks I have officially started my stint as a guest blogger for Diabetes Sisters!  You can check out my introductory post and my first official post on their website!  I will have a new post coming this week.

Overall, the last few weeks have been enjoyable!  Baby boy has been kicking up a storm which takes some getting used to.  All my doctors appointments (eye doc, endo, high risk OB, regular OB, CDE and dentist-phew that’s a lot!) have gone well and everything seems to be A-OK so far.  I need to keep working at my blood sugars and try to make exercise more of a routine but overall weeks 20-22 have gone pretty well.  I go back to the perinatologist this Friday so hopefully things are still progressing “fine”.  My bump has also started to get much bigger:

22 weeks pregnant

22 weeks pregnant

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