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One of the hardest things for me with this pregnancy is trying to wait every three hours to eat.  Before I was pregnant, I would go 6 hours easily without eating but sometimes I would also snack every hour or two too.  I didn’t really have a set schedule and while that probably wasn’t the best for my diabetes control, it seemed to work OK for me.

Once I got pregnant, my CDE told me that I really shouldn’t eat any sooner than three hours.  The main reason for this was so that the insulin had time to act, so she could tell if I had the correct insulin to carb ratios but also so my blood sugars wouldn’t stay at an elevated level.  I really struggled with this the first several weeks of pregnancy.  I wanted to eat every two hours and it made no sense to me why it was so hard to do.

Now 21 weeks into the pregnancy, I think I’ve gotten it down to a nice science.  My day of eating looks like the following:

 Breakfast: 8AM –String cheese, yogurt, two pieces of toast and jelly or Kashi waffles or Kashi cereal plus prenatal vitamin (I can be bad about remembering the prenatal vitamin

Lunch: 11:30AM – Apples, protein (cooked ham, turkey burgers or tuna) carrots and peanut butter and a piece of chocolate

Snack: 3PM – My one “cheat” time…I’ll eat chips or cupcakes or some sort of snacky thing plus a string cheese

Dinner: 6:30PM – Varies, chili and garlic bread is a pretty common choice usually with a salad that has onions and cucumbers but no dressing

Snack: 10PM — Yogurt and grapes and sometimes a string cheese depending how hungry I am

A pregnancy class I took mentioned nutrition guidelines (which I mentioned in my post on guidelines) and of those guidelines, calcium is the thing of which I struggle to get enough.  If I follow my schedule above, I’m pretty good at getting enough of everything (and not too much of other things like calories, carbs or sodium).  Days when I don’t stick to this schedule, I really struggle to get enough calcium.  I also struggle to get enough water everyday, which is probably the main reason my blood pressure continues to be too low.    I also attribute the above schedule to why I have gained the proper weight so far.  I think if I wasn’t worried about eating every three hours and eating less than 50 carbs at meals and 15 carbs at snacks, I would probably have gained more weight than I should have.  I guess that’s one benefit to having diabetes while pregnant is that it is keeping my weight in check (also getting so see my baby on the ultrasound a LOT more than “normal” pregnant mommas).

Nutrition goals:

  • Meals less than 50 carbs, snacks less than 15 carbs
  • 60 grams of Protein
  • 1200 mg of Calcium
  • 70 mg of Vitamin C

Here is where I fall in with the nutrients on a typical day…I’m still a little shy of my calcium requirements but I try to eat an extra yogurt or string cheese if I can.  I’m also always good on my Vitamin C, which is why it isn’t included on here…

A typical diabetes and pregnancy food day

A typical diabetes and pregnancy food day

4 thoughts on “Pregnancy and Diabetes – What I Eat

  1. Way to go! I know the diet (and making changes to habits) is one of the hardest things to do for pregnancy, but you’re doing it! So, I didn’t know: not enough water can make your blood pressure low? Ever since my surgery, I’ve had lower blood pressure than ever, to the point of almost passing out a couple of times. I *thought* I was getting enough fluids each day, but maybe not?

    • Yeah, I didn’t know that either and I doubt the doctor would have told me that but I was also dizzy, lightheaded so she connected the dots that I’m probably not drinking enough. I think “enough” water is like 64 ounces or something and when you are pregnant, it increases to like 80 something or higher I think, I forget the exact number but it’s high! And I never get enough.

  2. I don’t know how you eat salad without dressing…. You are doing so good! I don’t know if I’ll be able to be so strict! I sure hope so, you’re doing amazing!!!

    • Haha, I am weird. I’ve never been a fan of salad dressing, not sure why! It’s been hard! But honestly the hardest part was in the beginning…now I’ve got a routine down so it’s a lot easier but the first few weeks of trying to wait every 3 hours, not snacking, etc were so hard!

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