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Two weekends ago, I had a frustrating few days. It all started on Friday night. It was day 3.5 of using my infusion set so I probably should have been more proactive to change the set, but instead I got lazy and told myself I would change it first thing Saturday morning. I went to bed on Friday night with a blood sugar of 129. Then overnight, my CGM started its lovely alarms. At 3AM, it alerted me that I was high with a blood sugar of 175. I corrected for the high and then stayed high until I woke up with a blood sugar of 130. My correction/basal rates didn’t bring me down enough (my target number was 100 mg/dl).

I woke up after being high overnight and promptly changed my infusion set. I corrected for my high and then pre-bolused for my breakfast. I had 65 carbs for breakfast (Dunkin Donuts powdered sugar donut and egg white flatbread sandwich).   An hour and a half after eating my breakfast, I had climbed up to 248. I was very upset by this because I don’t break the 200 mark too often these days.

I tested my blood sugar 30 minutes later to make sure my insulin was doing it’s job. I was even higher though! I had climbed up to 266. My bolus wizard told me to correct again, this time with even more insulin. I tested 15 minutes after this and I was still climbing! I went up to 291. I was in serious freak out mode. I emailed my CDE and I tested my ketones (negative-phew!). I drank a lot of water and debated putting in a new infusion set but I was feeling stubborn since I had just changed it.

Finally, 15 minutes later I started to drop. I was now 238 and on the way down. I was so scared that morning because I had done everything right-new infusion set, pre-bolused for breakfast, carb counted correctly, etc. I still have no idea what went wrong other than maybe my infusion set needed a little time to get going. I don’t typically notice needing time after changing it, but I did notice it one time before a few weeks prior so maybe it’s a new thing I’m experiencing or maybe I just never had good enough control before to really notice it.

I decided to do a little experiment and I ate the same exact thing on Sunday morning, pre-bolused by the same amount of time and bolused for the same amount of carbs. Sunday morning, my blood sugar did start a little lower at 71 (versus 130) so it wasn’t exactly apples to apples since I had to correct for the high of 130, but close enough. Sunday, my blood sugar spiked 2 hours later at 157 but by lunchtime, I was a perfect 100-a much better morning! So the only thing I can attribute Saturday morning to was my new infusion set.

The other crazy thing to happen that weekend was when I went out to dinner on Saturday night. My family and I went to PF Chang’s for my dad’s birthday and we ordered our food at 6:30PM. I forgot to bolus right away but I remembered by 6:35. My blood sugar was 171 (a lot higher than it should be pre-meal). I’m horrible at pre-bolusing when I go out to eat but since I had already had a bad morning blood sugar wise, I didn’t want to do any more harm to myself.

An HOUR later, our food STILL had NOT come! I was so thankful that my blood sugar had started out higher because otherwise, it would have been a medical emergency. I normally can only handle pre-bolusing by 20 minutes, maybe 30 if I start higher. I was seriously freaking out at how long the food was taking to come out but when I tested at 7:15, I had only dropped to 141. Our food finally came at 7:30. Two hours after beginning to eat, I did drop all the way down to 58. I wasn’t sure if this was because I bolused too much for dinner or maybe the pre-bolus did catch up to me before the food did, but a few hours later, I was high again. Quite the roller coaster day!

I’m glad I don’t have too many crazy days like that! Going out to eat is getting harder and harder but I’m not sure I would have changed anything from that night. In terms of changing my infusion set, I think I am going to wait until the afternoon or evening or sometime when I’m not eating a meal right after to make sure everything is working properly. Have you ever noticed days when you change your infusion set and things are kind of crazy for the first few hours?

Crazy diabetic day

What a crazy diabetic day

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  1. That’s the worst feeling when you go that high when you are pregnant! Happened to me too (and Josie was totally fine!!). Just wanted to let you know what I did whenever I went high and it wouldn’t come down. WALK!!! It’s not always convenient but it always worked and brought me down quickly. I hate waiting for the insulin to kick in, if it ever did…And that way, you get your exercise in, even if you are too tired. Good luck mama!!!

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