Second appointment with the high risk OB

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Last Friday, I had my 20 week appointment/ultrasound with the perinatologist.  It’s always so amazing to hear the baby’s heartbeat and see the baby moving around in my belly.  I haven’t been feeling any kicks recently (minus the first few I felt about a week and half ago) so I have been worrying a little bit if everything was okay.  It turns out the placenta is in the front of the baby, providing a cushion to him, which is why I haven’t felt anything.

This was only my second time to see the perinatologist and the first time I saw him, I wasn’t all that impressed.  He had mentioned how I was going to go blind because of my diabetes while pregnant and other fun topics.  This time, I liked him better.  I think what he is lacking in bedside manner is simply a result of him being a big high risk geek, meaning he is really knowledgable about everything associated with being high risk and he doesn’t dumb things down at all, he just shares what he knows.  He mentioned to me a few people recently that he had treated for high risk pregnancies when we were talking and I got the impression that he just really likes what he does.  One thing that I didn’t like so much was that he wasn’t too informative on everything they were doing during the appointment.

As a result, I can’t really tell you what all the doctor checked at the 20 week appointment but he told me that everything looked fine.  I know they checked the heart out and that seemed fine.  The spine looked fine as well.  He said he didn’t think my diabetes had affected the baby so far, from what he could tell. I’m hoping that when I go to the regular OB tomorrow, she will fill me in a little more on the results from last Friday’s ultrasound.  I was seriously debating if I need to find a new perinatologist but I think I will be in good hands with this doctor if anything should go wrong and while I don’t particularly care for his bedside manner or the information he provides, I can get information and ask questions with my regular OB, who I love, so I will stay put for the time being.

One interesting thing I learned at the appointment was how often I will be seeing the high risk OB going forward.  Apparently, I will see him at weeks 24, 28, 32 then every week after.  So if I go to the full 40 weeks, I could end up seeing him 13 times! Each appointment costs my insurance company about $3,000 (I’m still not sure exactly what it’s costing me since I’m still figuring out the insurance costs from my last visit) but that translates into $39,000 just for visits to the high risk OB while pregnant (not including regular OB and endo) I guess I have about 12 “normal” weeks left until I will be living at the doctor’s office.

4D ultrasound photo-one perk of being diabetic

4D ultrasound photo-one perk of being diabetic (although it looks scary haha)

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  1. Glad to hear all is well. While I appreciate good bedside manner I am always more impressed with doctors that don’t sugarcoat things – not an intentional pun. Love the picture!

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