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I can’t believe I will be 20 weeks tomorrow-half way point!! I’m about halfway through my second trimester and it’s amazing.

I remember thinking in the first trimester that I couldn’t understand why anyone would have more than one baby because the first trimester was ROUGH. Now that I’m halfway through the second trimester, I think I understand a little more why people might have more than one kid-it gets a little easier.

For the most part my energy has come back.  I am not sleeping as well through the night so I’m still pretty tired during the day but overall it’s a much needed improvement over the first thirteen weeks.  The main reason I don’t sleep is thanks to my diabetes.  I wake up either too high or too low.  For some reason when I’m high overnight, they are sticky highs that don’t want to come down so even if I bolus for the high, I still stay high so my alert keeps going off.  If I’m low overnight, I tend to stay low the entire night despite treating the lows.  I will say that I’m trying to not over treat the lows at night so when I do treat the lows, it’s probably not enough to bring me up by a lot, thus resulting in a lot of low alerts.  Besides my diabetes, I wake up about twice a night to pee and I also wake up tossing and turning, scared I’m sleeping on my back (which is a big no no after around 16 weeks).  I did buy the snoogle pillow, recommended by several friends and while I hated it at first, it’s starting to grow on me some so I’m not tossing and turning as much.

A few typical nights of CGM alert and lows = no sleep

A few typical nights of CGM alert and lows = no sleep

I started the second trimester with awful round ligament pain.  If you don’t know what that is, it’s sharp pain near your lower belly and it was a b*tch!  It would hurt when I sneezed, sat up, laid down, moved, etc.  It was such an unpleasant experience.  I’m glad that it has subsided for the most part.  My food aversions subsided (thankfully-hello meat!) but with the new food groups, I started to worry more about listeriosis, a serious infection that can cause all sorts of problems for me and baby.  The scary thing about listeriosis is that you don’t get symptoms for several days and it’s hard to know what specifically can cause it (besides basically everything I put in my mouth).  I can’t be sure I’ve 100% gone without listeria in my diet but so far so good.  In terms of weight gain, I think I’m gaining the appropriate amount.  By week 20, I should have gained anywhere from 8 pounds to 13 pounds.  I’m at the 7 pound mark since conceiving but I lost two pounds after getting pregnant so it nets to 9 pounds.

Now that the round ligament pain has gone away, the food aversions have subsided, if I could just figure out a way to get a full night’s sleep, I would be cruising with this whole pregnancy right now.  In terms of my diabetes and blood sugar control, I’m still waiting on the insulin resistance to kick in.  The first few weeks of the second trimester were met with a lot of basal and insulin to carb ratio adjustments (and LOWS!) but the last few weeks, I’ve been cruising by with minimal adjustments (and fewer lows).  Last weekend, I did think I was getting a little insulin resistant after two nights of higher blood sugars overnight, but when I upped my basal rates, I kept crashing so I’m back to the original rates I was using and that seems to be working okay.  I’m not sure why I had those few nights of highs but nothing with diabetes ever makes sense.  In the first trimester, I had my A1C done (pretty early on in the pregnancy-week 6) and my A1C was 6.8.  I got it checked again at week 13 and it was 6.2.  I’m still reaching to get that A1C below 6 but I get bloodwork done next week so I’m hopeful I’m there finally.  The doctors seemed fine with the A1C of 6.2 since my numbers were pretty stable, not a lot of highs and lows, but I still want to get it to where it’s doing the least amount of harm to baby which I’ve read below 6 is the magic number.  I’m also still using my stomach for the most part for my CGM and infusion set sites.  It’s not close to my belly button like it used to be but closer to my love handles without actually being on my love handles so I’m getting there! I’m enjoying the last few moments with my stomach as a site location (still terrified to go anywhere else).

In other exciting pregnancy news, I felt the baby kick for the first time last week!  I had heard that you could start feeling the baby kick around week 16 but I never felt it.  Finally, last week I felt what sort of felt like gas symptoms but I wasn’t gassy and I’m pretty sure it was a baby kick.  My husband felt and he confirmed it felt different than other times he has tried to feel a kick.  This was last Thursday night and then this past Saturday, I think I felt an actual real kick.  I was sitting at my desk working when I felt about three hard kicks to my belly.  I haven’t really felt any kicks since then though so I’m hoping everything is still okay.

Today I find out if I am having a boy or a girl and I can’t wait!  This morning, I go for my 20 week ultrasound appointment with the high risk OBGYN, perinatologist.  They are going to check for a bunch of different things, which I am hoping are all ok but I’m most excited about getting to see the baby again and hear the amazing heartbeat.

My neighbor also gave me two cute onsies for when baby arrives – our first clothing for baby Kent! She has me covered though since we haven’t found out if it’s a boy or a girl:

First baby clothes! I'm good if baby is a boy or a girl

First baby clothes! I’m good if baby is a boy or a girl

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