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Before I got pregnant, I ran two half-marathons.  I was feeling pretty confident about my endurance and fitness level but at the same time I was burnt out from running so I took a little break.  Well, that break turned into me getting pregnant which turned into me being scared about running while pregnant.

I had read that your heart rate shouldn’t get about 140bpm when pregnant, or 150 if you were in shape.  Thanks to my family, I had recently gotten a heart rate monitor for Christmas so my first run after taking a mini vacation from running and after I found out I was pregnant included the use of the heart rate monitor.  My pulse quickly climbed up and stayed up while running so I started a run/walk combo.  This was around week 7 of my pregnancy.  I decided to also start going back to the gym so I went and swam some laps and I also purchased a pre-natal yoga DVD.  I was feeling pretty good about my workout routine.

My wonderful workout routine lasted all of about one week.  I think I made it to the pool twice, did my yoga twice and ran/walked maybe three times.  Then the exhaustion set in.  I couldn’t do much because all I wanted to do was sleep 24/7.  Once the exhaustion subsided (somewhat), work got really busy and I couldn’t find time to work out.

I’m now at week 19 and I’ve been incredibly lazy for the last 12 weeks.  I now get winded just walking up stairs or going to my mailbox.  It’s actually pretty embarrassing so starting this week, I have tasked myself with some goals to try and get back in the swing of things (plus, I do well when I have goals to achieve).

I’m going to try and go for at least two walks per day.  If one of those walks ends up being a run, even better (although it’s so hot out now that I doubt any runs will happen).  I’m going to try and swim three times a week and I’m going to try and do my yoga at least twice per week.

One thing that is more difficult now than at week 7 is my blood sugars.  At week 7, I still hadn’t seen too many changes (highs or lows) with the pregnancy.  Now 19 weeks in, every week I am making adjustments to my basal rates or I:C ratios and I have no idea how my body is going to respond to exercise.

I did make it to the pool last Friday and swam about 20 laps and my BG before was 105, I ate a small snack (~10 carbs) and disconnected from my pump for 30 minutes and after my swim I was a perfect 100 but then an hour later I climbed up to 200 so I’m not sure I have mastered that yet.

Oh and I’m also going to start using my FitBit again.  I stopped using it after getting discouraged that I was only walking about 3,000 steps per day but maybe if I wear it again, I will get motivated to really take those walks and get in extra steps.  I’m not too concerned about my weight; I more want to be healthy and in good shape because I heard that makes the birthing process a little easier.

Hopefully by admitting these goals to you, I can try and keep up with them.  Fingers crossed!

Belly at Week 19

My first maternity swimsuit, complete with exposed pump tubing (and belly at week 19)

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  1. I wish I had your motivation. I should be walking more and exercising but I always find something else I’d rather be doing. Of course currently I’m trying to spend a lot of time with my daughter so she doesn’t feel left out. Ugh. I should go for a walk this afternoon. 🙂

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