Pregnancy with Type 1 Diabetes – Fears

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Being pregnant comes with a lot of fears:

  • Am I getting enough nutrients for the baby?
  • Am I taking the right precautions to avoid listeria?
  • Did the alcohol I had before I knew I was pregnant affect the baby?
  • Am I drinking enough water?
  • Have I remembered to take my pre-natal vitamins everyday?
  • Is my heart rate below 140bpm when I exercise?

But being pregnant with diabetes, I have so many more concerns:

  • Will that high blood sugar affect my baby’s health?
  • Was my blood sugar too high for too long?
  • How are all these low blood sugars affecting the baby?
  • Is my A1C good enough?
  • Will my baby be too big or too small?
  • Will my baby make it to the full 40 weeks?
  • Will I have to have a C-section and if so will I heal properly?
  • Will my higher blood sugars before I found out I was pregnant affect my baby?
  • Do I have a good medical team to support me and do they communicate well?
  • Did I pre-bolus enough?
  • Are my insulin to carb ratios, basal rates and correction factors correct?

However, there are two things that scare/worry me the most about being pregnant with Type 1 Diabetes:

1. What will I do when I can no longer use my stomach for my CGM and infusion set?  I’ve only ever used my tummy in 17 years with a pump and 2 years with a CGM, I don’t know anything else.  I’ve slowly ventured more into the love handle region but I’m not quire there yet.  My endo told me I could keep using my belly as long as the skin wasn’t too tight but I’m getting there quickly!  I’m absolutely dreading this day :(.

2. Will I be able to keep my insulin pump and CGM on during delivery and who will monitor my blood sugar?  I don’t know if I will have a C-section or natural birth but I want to be able to keep my CGM in and pump on during delivery.  The thought of having an insulin drip while delivering does not sound good to me.  I’ve worked (and will continue to work) to have good basal rates that I want to have confidence going into delivery that my rates are the best possible for me.  It’s still too early to have this conversation with my doctors but I hope that I am able to keep them on.  I’m also worried about having a doctor (OB) being in control of my diabetes.  I’m hoping I’ll be able to but if not, I’m going to have to start training my hubby to take over for me.

I’m sure I have a lot of other fears about this pregnancy, but these are just what’s on my mind today. For now, I just have to keep doing what I’m doing and have faith that everything will work out fine.

7 thoughts on “Pregnancy with Type 1 Diabetes – Fears

  1. My best and most accurate Dexcom site is the back flabby part of my upper arms. I rarely use my stomach for CGM sites and save that for pump sites. Dex always goes on upper arms and thighs. You get very used to thinking twice before taking off a shirt or pulling down your underwear so you don’t rip the site out. The problem with upper arms is that you can’t wear sleeveless shirts unless you don’t care if the world sees the Dex. I personally don’t want to answer questions about what it is and plus since I use Skin Tac with it, it is usually filthy and crusty by the second week. There is a video on You Tube about how to insert an arm site by yourself. It’s not easy:-)

  2. I love using my “muffin top” or “love handles” as an infusion site, but since I use those areas so often I do have to switch to my stomach and when I do I’m not a fan of the tummy area anymore. For my CGM I started wearing it on my thigh facing outward? I think that’s the best way to describe where I wear it. I feel I get really accurate readings there too. Good luck! I’m sure you will find a place that you are most comfortable with for new sites. I know I’ve read some people using their hips or butt, there is no way I think I could use either of those. That would be way too uncomfortable for me.

    • Yeah, I’m hoping I can get away with my love handles for a little while! Eek, the thought of using my leg freaks me out for some reason…does it hurt to put in? Do you worry about hitting muscle or anything in your leg? I’m so scared!! But I know I need to stop being a scaredy cat because my tummy needs a break!

  3. Congratulations Kelley!!Wow so many D bloggers are pregnant or had a baby. How many weeks are you now? I had a similar worry about the dexcom too but then it turned out I had to give it up entirely during my pregnancy. It was off all the time and it was out by a pretty high magin. I was very sick in the beginning , lost a lot of weight and the doctors thought that the sensor could have been affected in someway by the hormones in my body. It just made no sense that every sensor failed. I even went to the extent to contact dexcom lol (thats a long story but they haven’t done any research to rule out hormones affecting the sensor). Anyway once the sickness passed at week 15 I just continued with my rigorous blood sugar taking which worked because i manged to get my A1C from 7.5% to 5.7% and maintain it. I had a whole range of things happen during my pregnancy from lactose intolerance, becoming a vegan etc but thank god all worked out well. I had a great diabetes team and we got through it together but mainly with my hard work.
    Please don’t worry too much. All you can do is your best and it seems like thats exactly what your doing. The love handle is a great place to try out by the way.

    Best of luck. I will be back to see how your progress is going xx

    • Thanks! 🙂 That’s awesome you were able to get to 5.7 and maintain it…that’s what I’m hoping for!

      I’m 19 weeks now 🙂 My last A1C at 13 weeks was 6.2…I get tested again in 3 weeks and I’m really hoping it’s under 6!

      • Snap I was 6.2% at 13 weeks too. I was also having a lot of lows around that time and had to detach from my pump for all of a day. My first pregnancy was completely different to this one. With my son I slowly needed less and less insulin. This time it was like a roller coaster. One minute I need more then nothing at all. Crazy! How have your sugars been this week?

        • I think I’m slowly starting to see insulin resistance creep up this week. I’m noticing it the most overnight but I think also with my insulin to carb ratio. Hopefully I can make some tweaks so I can still aim for that below 6 A1C.

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