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On Wednesday, I listed some of the guidelines I have been following while pregnant.  There are so many things to keep in mind when you are growing a baby in your belly.  When I found out I was pregnant the only real guideline I knew was that I couldn’t drink alcohol or have sushi.  I did a ton of reading to educate myself and I relied on several great resources to help guide me.  Here are some of my favorite resources for pregnancy and Type 1 Diabetes:



Diabetes Bloggers:


  • Local classes at my hospital – My hospital has offered a ton of pregnancy classes.  I’ve attended three so far and they’ve all been really good.  I highly recommend going if your hospital offers these.
  • Integrated Diabetes Services – When I found out I was pregnant, I didn’t have a very good endo (I now have a great one).  I was completely overwhelmed with how to handle my diabetes while pregnant so a diabetes friend mentioned IDS and they have been amazing!  I seriously wouldn’t be surviving my pregnancy without Jenny at IDS-if you decide to go with them, tell them I referred you 🙂
  • Diabetes Meetups – I mentioned Diabetes Sisters above but with my local Diabetes Sisters chapter, a girl in my group had a baby recently so she has provided me with a lot of great information.  Also, I had a meet up with a local Insulindependence group and a girl in that group also had a baby recently.  She was actually the very first person I told I was pregnant because I was worried about how my blood sugars had been when I found out I was pregnant.
  • Cord Blood Banking – I was contacted by Katie, an Awareness Advocate, at The Cord Blood Center to include her website on this list.  I personally haven’t formed an opinion on cord blood banking so I was hesitant to include this but the website does provide a lot of information if you are looking to go this route or want to learn more.

I found Alkon’s Balancing Pregnancy with Pre-Existing Diabetes to be a very informative book.  The book has some great information and guidelines and also includes stories of women who had diabetes while pregnant.  While Alkon’s book was great, I wouldn’t read it alone.  I think the What to Expect When You’re Expecting is a great compliment to Alkon’s book and I wouldn’t read one without the other.

There are lots of pregnancy apps out there.  I downloaded/bought a couple of duds.  The ones listed above are the ones I reference pretty frequently and like.  The apps/websites also include an option to have emails sent to you on a daily basis.  I actually really like these (even though they get to be a bit much if I don’t stay on top of my email) because they are pretty short and include a quick paragraph to tell me about the stage of pregnancy I am in.

I’m sure I’m missing some more great resources…what websites/books have you read that have been helpful with your pregnancy and Type 1 diabetes?

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  1. Congrats on your pregnancy! Thanks for sharing these resources. It was like reading a post about myself when I read about your journey toward getting your a1c down…treating a “low” at 100…being satisfied being in the 180s and even ok with 220…setting my cgm alarm at 240, etc. Thanks for sharing your journey! I’m hoping that I’m just a few steps behind you and can get my a1c down and the green light for trying soon 🙂 Congrats and best wishes!!!

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