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Well, I’ve been using One Touch Ultra for as many years as I can remember.  I know I haven’t used it my entire diabetic life because I remember a meter that took 45 seconds to read my blood sugar, but at least for the last ten years or so, I’ve been using One Touch.  I’ve been happy with One Touch Ultra.  It gives me my blood result in 5 seconds.  However, it does take a lot of blood, which didn’t used to be a problem but now that I test so often on only six fingers, my fingers are becoming quite callous and hard to get blood out of.  I get an Error 5 reading (not enough blood) more than I would like.

About a month or so ago, I also started working with Integrated Diabetes Services and they told me that the Contour Next Link requires less blood and is more reliable. So I decided to make the switch.  I did run into a little frustration with my insurance company.  They don’t cover Contour Next Strips (even though they are cheaper than One Touch Ultra) so I have to pay a much higher copay for the strips and I had to get my doctor to tell the insurance company that it was a medical necessity.

Hello new meter!

Hello new meter!

Overall, I’m happy with the change.  The main benefit is that it requires less blood, which is a huge benefit to me because I won’t waste strips with the stupid “Error 5”.  The one negative I’ve found so far is that when I put the strip in the meter, it doesn’t automatically turn on like my One Touch Ultra does.  The One Touch Ultra does seem a little more intuitive.  I have to answer a question (before meal or after meal) before I get a blood glucose result on the Contour.  This is a little annoying, especially when my blood sugar is low.  I can overlook this nuisance though if it means my blood glucose results are more reliable.  I didn’t have a ton of reason to suspect my old One Touch Ultra wasn’t reliable since my A1C did correspond pretty close to my average glucose results but I still want to have as much confidence in my diabetes care as possible so I am happy with the switch.

Goodbye old meter!

Goodbye old meter!

I’m such a creature of habit, that even the slightest change is significant for me.  I haven’t switched my insulin pump EVER (since 1997!) and I’m probably going to stick with my CGM as long as I have a Medtronic pump so changing my blood glucose meter was probably the biggest step I’ll make for  awhile.  So far so good. 🙂 (As a side note, I do still have a TON of One Touch Ultra test strips so I probably will still be using it but will alternate somewhat between the two).

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  1. You can turn off that “meal tagging” option; I agree it’s a pain in the butt and I prefer to not use it. And the meter does turn on when you insert a strip, so if yours isn’t doing that, maybe you’ve got a bad meter.

    But overall, I believe it is a far better meter, and the correlation between its numbers and my CGM speaks to its accuracy. The case is probably its biggest drawback.

    • OK, thanks! I think I was just too impatient to wait for it to turn on so I thought it didn’t turn on when I inserted the strip. I tried maybe twice then decided I need to turn it on with the button first. After your comment, I tried again and it worked, haha. So thanks! Also, nice to know I can turn the meal tagging off because I HATE that 😛

  2. Hey there….I was just going to let you know that my meter (Contour Next Link) does turn on automatically when a test strip is inserted, and I don’t have to answer any questions so I am wondering if there is something in the settings you might change that would make it more user-friendly for you? Great to meet you this weekend at WFW14!

    • Oh, that’s awesome!! Thanks for the info. I wonder if it works for Mail Orders as well? I’ll have to look into it 🙂

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