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Last weekend, I raced in the GW Parkway Classic.  I signed up for the 10 miler but I ended up dropping down to the 5k.  After completing the half marathon in January, I was feeling major racing burn out and I was lacking motivation to run, especially with the cold winter we had. I don’t think I got back in the running grove until two weeks prior to the race.  At that point, running 10 miles seemed pretty unachievable.  I did have some good runs the two weeks leading up to the race, but I was never able to run more than 4 miles and the thought of doubling that and adding two more miles seemed a little impossible.

My hubby and I signed up to run the race with friends.  We were feeling guilty when we had to tell them we were dropping down to the 5k. Despite the guilt of letting our friends down and the guilt on ourselves of not completing what we signed up for, we had a great race.

Beautiful sunrise

Beautiful morning

The morning was a beautiful morning.  The 5k start was on the GW Parkway at a park right on the water.  We saw a beautiful sunrise as we ate bagels and bananas provided by the race sponsors. We got to the race an hour early and sat on a picnic table and ate our breakfast, watching the sun rise over the water. Since we were only doing a 5k, the pressure was off.  I wasn’t too worried about my blood sugar.  It was a little higher than I usually have it when I run and the bagel didn’t help much but I have been running low recently, so I appreciated a slightly elevated number.

The race began at 8AM.  I didn’t test before the race but my CGM told me my BG was around 180.  We ran the race and did have a few moments where we walked (more so to enjoy the beautiful scenery). We finished the race feeling happy.  We were given beer tickets so we made our way over to the beer tent.  We weren’t quite feeling like we earned the beers since we didn’t run the full 10 miles but the morning was so beautiful that we didn’t feel too bad.

I finished the 5k with a BG of 52! Whoa, I wasn’t expecting it to be that low after having a bagel and starting higher.  However, since I’ve been so low recently it seemed pretty normal.  I ate two bananas and some Smarties.  I still hovered in the 50’s for a while but finally managed to come up by the time we headed to brunch.

Overall, we were disappointed to drop down to the 5k but it was such a beautiful day, a beautiful course and a lot of fun that we were happy with the way things turned out.  It was such a fun race that I see myself doing it again next year and since I’m not planning another half marathon next January, hopefully I won’t be feeling the running burnout too much.

We finished!

We finished!

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