Hormones with Diabetes

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Hormones.  Insulin is a hormone, a peptide hormone. We, as humans, have a lot of hormones occurring and produced naturally in our bodies. For a diabetic, like myself, insulin is not one of those but thanks to my loyal insulin pump and Frederick Banting, I am able to adjust for my body’s deficiency.  I’m not only a Type 1 Diabetic, but I’m also a woman.  We get the added benefit of having even more hormones (I’m just guessing, I don’t actually know if women have more than men) that fluctuate depending on the time of month.  I’m talking about good ole estrogen (and sometimes progesterone and testosterone).

Now, I’m not a scientist or a doctor or even a biology major so this is a completely dumbed down observation on my part.  Most Type 1 diabetic women notice changes at certain times of the month, either their blood sugar gets higher or lower depending on when Aunt Flo is coming to visit.

Hormones for me are an added challenge.  I was on a birth control pill for a while and I had no idea what kind of awesomeness that provided my blood sugars.  Last spring, I went through extensive basal testing and got my rates to a good point.  I enjoyed some good blood sugars and stability over the summer and even though my blood sugars weren’t as low as they should have been, my numbers were pretty stable.  Fast forward to last fall when my husband and I made the decision to stop taking my pills so I could get my body baby ready.

Crap! My blood sugars were all over the place! I was having lows I wasn’t used to having.  I was having highs that were abnormal.  I was REALLY noticing when that time of the month was approaching.  My blood sugars would be high about a week prior then I would get pretty low a few days before.  I was so used to having stable blood sugars from taking my pills that this completely threw me for a loop!

It’s been about 6 months since I got off the birth control pills and I think I’ve finally gotten to a stable “understanding” of how hormones affect my diabetes.  I know other women have done blog posts talking about how hormones affect their but I couldn’t find a “list” anywhere.  Do you readers experience or notice any changes in blood sugars at different times of the month?  If you are on birth control, do you still notice changes around different times of the month or were you like me, where you weren’t as affected?  As if being a woman wasn’t already complicated, diabetes has to throw in even more “fun” as we approach our monthly visitor.

4 thoughts on “Hormones with Diabetes

  1. OMG – we even went off birth control at the exact same time. And yes to everything you wrote here. It is EXACTLY what happened to me, but at this point, none of that is surprising. 😉

  2. Great post. When I was on the pill I didn’t notice much of an issue either. Once I got off the pill a year ago, then things went wonkey. I hope you don’t have to end up taking anything to try and get pregnant. I’ve been writing about my journey with that and taking a hormone to cause me to ovulate is absolutely awful. Part of the month it causes insulin resistance like you wouldn’t believe and the side effects that feel like I’m going low are just so much fun. Good luck, I really hope you can get things figured out be preggers sooner than later! 🙂

    • Oh, I’ll have to check out your blog!! I’ve been slacking in keeping up with others’ blogs (well and mine too) so I’m in the need for a day to catchup :).

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