My blood sugars from college

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Recently, I’ve been cleaning up old files I had in my basement and I stumbled across this beauty, a two-page fax to my endocrinologist of my blood sugars:

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 6.07.07 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 6.07.14 PM

I have no idea what my A1C was at the time, but considering my addiction to my CGM now, I can’t fathom a time when I only checked my blood sugar TWO times a day! Some days, like July 28th, my blood sugars look pretty darn amazing, but other days like August 1st, my blood sugars look horrendous.  I am really shocked sometimes that I survived college.  Who knows what my blood sugars were like those other 23 hours of the day! Luckily, it seems like I had more good days than bad days but still, it’s shocking to me now how little I tested-eek!  I also love how it’s hand-written.  At least when I graduated college I upgraded to an Excel spreadsheet before Medtronic came out with the Carelink data.  Sometimes when I think that Type 1 diabetic technology hasn’t advanced too far, I can look back 10 years to a life without the CGM and be thankful that I am living in a time where I can see what my blood sugar is around the clock (although it has it’s pros and cons at times).

6 thoughts on “My blood sugars from college

  1. This could’ve been me in college (the first time), except I’ve been fortunate enough to have had CareLink for a while. I don’t have a CGM, but I test at least 6x daily. I, too, cannot believe there was a time when I only tested once a day. But, hey, we’re doing better now, right? That’s important.

    • Haha well notice this was over the summer, not actually during college and I’m pretty sure I was just using the meter’s history to record the numbers for my endo visit 😛

  2. I question all the time how I made it through college. Not only how I got out alive (mystery #1), but how I was mentally “with it” enough to actually do well. So you’re not the only one.

    Good job on recording the numbers, by the way, and based on what you’re saying, they’re honest and not made-up (like something I would’ve done).

    • Yeah, for some reason I never thought to make up numbers haha, that might have saved me from some scolding by the doctors but oh well.

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