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Whoa, I can’t believe it’s been since October that I have done a book post. I normally read a lot in a month so looking back on about 5 months of reading is a bit daunting.  Let’s see, I finished reading all the Nicholas Sparks books.  I read several books for my book club.  I also started and finished the Ender’s Game series.  Here is a look back at the books I read:

  • A House in the Sky by Amanda Lindhout
  • Dear John by Nicholas Sparks
  • The Choice by Nicholas Sparks
  • Virgins by Caryl Rivers
  • The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks
  • The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks
  • Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline
  • The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks
  • Ender’s Game (Ender’s Game #1) by Orson Scott Card
  • Speaker for the Dead (Ender’s Game #2) by Orson Scott Card
  • Bossypants by Tina Fey
  • Xenocide (Ender’s Game #3) by Orson Scott Card
  • Children of the Mind (Ender’s Game #4) by Orson Scott Card
  • Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling
  • Divergent by Veronica Roth

I finally finished the Nicholas Sparks books! I really enjoyed Dear John.  It was told from the guy’s perspective and I feel like most books I read are usually told from the girl’s point of view so it was a nice change.  The book was also 1,000 times better than the movie, but they usually are.  The Choice was also a good book but not as great as Dear John.  It was broken up into two parts and the first part I loved! However, I could have done without the second part.  The Last Song was okay but I’ve seen the movie a lot so it was hard to be unbiased.  The last two of Nicholas Sparks’ books that I read, I didn’t care for.  They are both being turned into movies so I will probably read them again before the movies come out and maybe I’ll like them better.  It could be possible that I was on a slight Sparks burnout.  The Best of Me was okay but I disliked The Longest Ride.  It was predictable and drawn out.

My book club books were A House in the Sky, Virgins, Orphan Train, and Bossypants.  I loved A House in the Sky.  I had no idea it was a non-fiction book and I didn’t know the story, so I was pleasantly surprised.  The author did an amazing job of describing everything that happened and I thought it was very well written.  The story itself is intense but a page turner.  I would recommend this book.  Virgins was also an interesting book. It’s a coming of age story in the 1950’s and while it’s from the point of view of Peggy, her two best friends have equal amount of time in the book, which is why I think I enjoyed the book so much. It was a quick, easy read (I think I read it in less than 4 hours). Orphan Train I LOVED.  I’m not sure I could do the book justice by summarizing it but it was the story of a friendship between a teenager and an elderly woman who was part of an orphan train growing up.  I would highly recommend this book; it’s definitely a good book club book.  I had been wanting to read Bossypants for a while so I was excited when my book club chose it for January.  It was an entertaining, easy read and she shared some good stories.  It’s essentially her autobiography, but not that detailed.  She shares some funny stories about growing up and during her SNL days.

Next, I read the Ender’s Game series.  I’ve never really read science fiction before but they made a movie based on the first Ender’s Game book so I decided to give the series a try, plus my fellow book club ladies recommended it.  I liked the first book.  It’s technically a young adult novel, although the author didn’t write it for that purpose.  I thought it was interesting although a little unbelievable at parts (like the main character starts off as a 6 year old and is ridiculously smart, I’m not sure what 6 year old has thoughts like this kid!). The book was way better than the movie.  Speaker for the Dead, the second in the series, was my favorite book in the series.  It dealt more with relationships than Ender’s Game did which is why I think I preferred it.  I didn’t care for the third book in the series, Xenocide and I really disliked the last book, Children of the Mind.  These books were essentially one book split in two and the story the author told was way too long. It was also the most sci-fi and maybe that’s why I disliked it but I was reading it and couldn’t wait for it to end.

After reading the Ender’s Game series, I was ready for some lighter reading so I read Mindy Kaling’s book.  I enjoyed this book but it wasn’t as funny or as easy a read as Bossypants.  Still, it was enjoyable and had some funny stories.  I feel like I can relate to Mindy’s personality so I liked reading the book in that sense but I think Tina Fey’s book was written a little better and had better stories.

Finally, I read Divergent, the first book in the series.  I LOVED this book.  There was some action which was exciting but there was also romance, which is what kept me reading and not able to put the book down.  I wasn’t expecting to like this book as much as I did so it was a pleasant surprise.  I’m looking forward to seeing the movie this weekend!

What’s on the plan for the next month+:

  • Finish reading the Divergent series (I started book 2 already)
  • Start and finish the Game of Thrones series so I can then catch up on the HBO series
  • Start and finish the Ender’s Shadow series

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  1. I felt the same about the Ender’s series as you (which books I liked most, etc, and I *do* love sci-fi!) and also, the Ender’s Game movie was not nearly as good as the book. I’m interested to read the Divergent series, but am thinking I might watch the movie BEFORE I read the books, just so I won’t be as disappointed by doing it the opposite way, you know? 🙂 Game of Thrones – books AND TV show = LOVE!!!!

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