End of year struggles with diabetes

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Hello D-world!

Minus my diaversary post, I’ve been a little absent in the diabetes blogosphere. A lot has been going on and it was hard for me to really put my heart and soul into talking, thinking, reading, or writing about diabetes.

Let’s go back a little bit.  Back in October, I got my disappointing A1C result.  Sure, a 7.0 is phenomenal and ordinarily (any of my 19 previous years) I would have been rejoicing at that number but I was trying really hard to have it lower and wanted it lower because my hubby and I want to try for a baby.  I also got the result a few days before my 1-year blog anniversary.  I was so optimistic when starting the blog that I would be Below Seven by my one-year blog anniversary that I was pretty let down.

I worked so hard, only to be disappointed with my result.  Sure, it’s just a number, but I put too much pressure on that result, that number. This led to a semi diabetes burnout.

No, I didn’t stop checking my blood sugar or start eating crappy or forgetting to take my insulin.  Instead, I just burnt out from writing my blog, catching up on Twitter or reading other diabetes blogs (didn’t do my monthly favorite d-blog post for November either).  I was sick of thinking about diabetes.  I did write a few blog entries for November but again, my heart and soul wasn’t in them.  I even started to write a few blog posts in December but never finished them.

Besides my A1C result causing a little diabetes burnout, I also had some other frustrating things happen over the last 6 weeks:

  • I dealt with high blood sugars when traveling Thanksgiving week, although right after stuffing myself with Thanksgiving dinner, my blood sugar decided to go low (probably one of the top 5 worse things to happen to a diabetic-needing to treat a low when you are beyond stuffed).
  • Someone told me that I couldn’t have a brownie because of my diabetes after being served a casserole and bread.  I tried to educate the person that made the comment saying that it’s OK for me to have it as long as I can cover the carbs with insulin.  After making that statement, she looked at me like I was lying and not taking good care of myself.
  • I found out my ankle pain I’ve been having is tarsal tunnel syndrome, with which my podiatrist followed up the diagnosis by telling me I should start swimming instead of running (perfect timing with a half marathon 3 weeks away!).
  • I ordered tape from Medtronic December 2nd and three weeks later, I was still waiting for it.  I was getting very nervous because I only had two pieces of tape left (which only covers one infusion set and half of a CGM).  I talked to a customer service guy from Medtronic and he made it clear when I called that it had only been 17 days (forgetting that they still hadn’t processed the order nor mailed it) and that my tape was not a high priority for them.  I understand that tape isn’t as big of a deal as not having insulin, but I can’t wear my CGM without tape and my infusion set only lasts a few days as well without tape.  When I was already burnt out from diabetes, there was no way I wanted to change my infusion set every day or two.  I finally found it on Amazon and while it didn’t go through my insurance, Amazon was able to save the day.
  • I switched to new insurance on November 1st and found out they only cover 6 test strips per day, despite my endocrinologist writing a prescription for 12 per day (some days I do test 12 times per day!).  Luckily though my endocrinologist made a call and got my order changed to 10 per day.
  • I woke up in the middle of the night with a blood sugar of 45!  I’ve been slowly getting lower and lower but I don’t usually get below 57.  The low of 45 was definitely scary.
  • As I just mentioned, I’ve been getting more and more lows.  I used to not get below 100 but lately I’ve been seeing a lot more numbers in the high 50’s and 60’s.  This is not what I want to have happen, and typically results in more peaks and valleys than I want.  On the plus side, I’ve learned that if I get exceptionally chatty it usually means I’m low :-P.
  • I’ve also noticed getting really low during runs, like 50’s and 60’s again.  It’s scary to be out on a run and see these numbers but I’ve been eating fruit snacks and continuing to run.
  • I’ve seen a lot of highs after going to bed, waking me up at around 2AM-4AM to correct the high, then waking up around 7AM or 8AM with a low, resulting in not too many nights of good sleep. I’m tired!
  • Non-diabetes related but still annoying, the string cheese that I eat about 3 sticks of a day had a recall and I hadn’t been able to find them in the grocery store for over a month!  I don’t like non Polly-O string cheeses (I know I’m weird) and since I don’t drink milk, I was missing my daily calcium fix.

They might not seem like major things but when I was already down about diabetes, all of the “issues” combined was almost too much for me to handle. I wish my absence over the last few weeks had been because not much was going on in my d-life but unfortunately, I’ve been struggling to stay positive.  However, I did finally get my A1C BELOW SEVEN (6.4 baby!) and just in time for my 20th diabetes anniversary and Christmas. I did have a wonderful Christmas.  I hosted my first every Christmas day dinner and cooked my first every turkey and it turned out OK!Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 4.29.09 PM

I’m finally shaking off my burnout and hoping to get back into the swing of things as a new year approaches.  Hope everyone that celebrated had a very Merry Christmas (a few days late)!

Merry Christmas from the Kents!

Merry Christmas from the Kents!

7 thoughts on “End of year struggles with diabetes

  1. Seriously, blogging about diabetes when you’re pretty much overwhelmed by it to begin with can be counterproductive. I get it. Sometimes it helps, but sometimes it’s the furthest thing from the diversion you need.

    I’ve been getting my IV3000 tape from Amazon rather than Medtronic. Insurance hasn’t covered it (haven’t found a way for them to do so, anyway, but it’s relatively petty so I don’t fight it) and it’s much cheaper that way, too. I got Opsite Flexifix from there once too, and had lots of problems in shipping (I guess USPS forgot where New Jersey was), but as it turns out I don’t like the stuff so much anyway.

    This is a tough time of the year, D-wise, and having the “avoidable” stuff piled on you (i.e. tape deliveries, test strip authorizations) just makes it worse. It’s not fair, but it’ll get better, I’m sure.

    But hey … congratulations on that A1c! That’s a reason to smile — and speaking of smile, that’s a great photo!

    • Thanks Scott! Yeah, I think I’ll just use Amazon from now on. My insurance would cover it but only one box every 3 months and I usually go through way more than that.

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