First Insulindependence Virginia ‘Betes Peeps “race”

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On Saturday, the newly formed Virginia ‘Betes Peeps affiliate of Insulindependence had their first race event.  When we were planning events back in October, I had mentioned  to the group that my sister and I (and our significant others) were planning to do a donut run in November. The group thought this would be a great first event because who doesn’t love eating donuts and running.  It was also slightly ironic that a diabetes group was doing a donut run.

The before photo with my fellow T1Ds

The before photo with my fellow T1Ds

The event was a lot of fun!  Four of us from the Virginia ‘Betes Peeps group showed up to race.  I also had quite an entourage of family there as well: my hubby, sister, sister’s bf, mom and step-dad.  It was a 5k race benefitting ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation with donut stops at the one mile mark and two mile mark.

The morning was a really chilly one.  The sun was out but the wind was blowing fierce.  I think the temperature was around 50 but it felt like 30 degrees F with the wind. I  took the week off from running after completing my first half-marathon so I was a little nervous how I would do.  It turns out that I had my best race ever! I had my best 1 mile time as well as my best 5k time.  According to my Nike GPS watch, I ran the 5k in 28:55 with an average pace of 9’56”, with my fastest mile ever at 9’20”.  Although my watch did say that I only ran 2.91 miles, not 3.1 but still…pretty damn amazing considering my best 5k time prior was 34:12.  I didn’t include the stops for donut eating at miles 1 and 2 so my watch time differed from the official run results, but even so the race results had my time at 32:06 with the donut stops.  I stopped and eat 2 donut munchkins at mile 1 and 1 munchkin at mile 2.

the "after" race photo

the “after” race photo

My blood sugars didn’t do as well though. I feel like I have somewhat got long run blood sugars under control but 5k blood sugars will always give me trouble.  I started the race at 110 and I finished the race at 168.  I did eat the three munchkins and didn’t bolus for them but still, I don’t think they had enough carbs to offset the running. Despite my blood sugars though, it was a great race and it was fun to get together with fellow Type 1 diabetics to share the experience.

The family gang

The family gang

Updated to post: I wanted to also mention that I did this race last year and I was early in my Couch to 5k training and I ran for about 2 minutes before stopping to walk.  I think I did the 5k in about 48 minutes with walking and running and I remember thinking I was going to die about 2 miles in from trying to run more than I was ready for.  Quite a difference a year makes where this year I ran in 32 minutes!

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  1. Wow, I love seeing the comparison of this years run with last years – you have come so far. And I totally love the idea of a Donut 5K. My very first 5K was an Ice Cream 5K, and I assumed they would hand us cones as we crossed the finish line. I was very disappointing to find out what we actually got was a coupon for a free cone at an ice cream shop in town. It was a summer race and we were so hot and sweaty we just wanted to go home and shower – and we never did remember to go back for our free cones.

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