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Yesterday, I had my first “meet-up” with fellow Type 1 diabetics in the Richmond area.  As I said on Friday, a girl (Emily) from Insulindependence contacted me and another girl in the Richmond area to get together.  She has just moved to Virginia from the NY area where she was pretty involved with their chapter.

There isn’t a big Insulindependence presence currently in Richmond.  I joined Insulindependence back over the summer but never had much happen after I signed up so when I got the email from Emily, I was excited.  In case you haven’t heard of it before, Insulindependence “is a nonprofit member association dedicated to uniting, expanding and supporting the active diabetes community.”  I joined over the summer because I was getting more into running and it seemed like a good fit for me.  When Emily contacted me and Julia (the other Richmonder) about getting together, I was very excited, not just because it would be my first time having lunch with other Type 1 diabetics but because they were also members of the group that I joined.

We met for lunch and it was a great meet and greet.  We talked about various things including life in Richmond, life with diabetes and being active with diabetes.  Emily is pregnant and had a lot of great resources for me to look into as my husband and I are starting to think about babies and Julia goes to the same endocrinology practice that I do and recommended a great CDE who is also Type 1 diabetic.  I plan on making an appointment with her soon!

We made plans to try and grow our tiny group by deciding to have monthly get togethers, either lunches or out doing something active.  I mentioned that I was going to do a Dunkin Donuts 5k in November, so we have decided to make that our next gathering.  Emily has already emailed people within a 2 hour radius of Richmond to see in anyone is interested in joining us.  I can’t wait to see what kind of outcome we will get for the race.  I know a donut run sounds a little silly for a diabetic gathering, but hey we need some carbs to keep us going when we are being active right? 😉

However, the best part of the meeting was getting the motivation from Emily to sign up for the Carlsbad half marathon in January.  She mentioned that she has done the race twice and talked about how amazing the experience is.  She even mentioned that you see dolphins in the ocean while running…dolphins?! Sold! I was already considering doing that race because it is actually on my 30th birthday and I made a personal goal to be in the best shape of my life by my 30th birthday-what better way to show I accomplished my goal than by running a half marathon!?  So today, I went ahead and pulled the trigger and I signed up for the Carlsbad half marathon through Insulindependence.  I look forward to meeting other active T1Ds and forming new friendships and celebrating my 30th birthday!

I would say it was a successful first meet-up and I can’t wait to meet more diabetics in the future.

One note though is that my blog never came up in conversation so I didn’t tell them about it so hopefully they don’t mind me sharing (I wasn’t going to use names but it made it a little hard/awkward to tell the story)

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  1. Finding a group of T1s to share with is great….finding a group of T1s that you share common interests with (outside of T1) is fantastic! Way to go 🙂 I wouldn’t give up my D-girls for anything!

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