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I started a few months back recapping some of my favorite d-blog articles from the month.  In case you missed some awesome articles over the last few months, you can check out June, July and August.  September was another great month for blog articles. As always, I have a hard time choosing a top five, but here are some from September that I liked a lot:

  1. September was a great month for exercise in the DOC (Diabetes Online Community).  Since I’m training for the Army Ten Miler and the Richmond half marathon, I really enjoyed all the blog posts relating to diabetes and exercise.
    • Allison over at the Blood Sugar Whisperer completed her first 10k.  I was there back in April so I know what a great feeling of accomplishment it is so I applaud her.  She also mentioned going for a half marathon next and as someone who did the 10k a few months back and is now doing a half marathon in few weeks, I hope she does sign up!
    • Briley at InDpendence completed her first half marathon.  Since I’m doing my first half in a few weeks I enjoyed reading about how her first half went.
    • Jeff from Jeff Mather’s Dispatches completed the 100 mile bike ride for the JDRF Ride for the Cure.  He also raised a TON of money for JDRF.  Congrats on both awesome accomplishments.  I’m hoping to do the Ride for the Cure next year (when are they going to announce the cities so I can start planning?!)
  2. Laddie’s entry on food at Test, Guess and Go brings up a very good point on diabetic’s perception of food.  She talks about how we shouldn’t be striving to eat high carb meals to prove that we are “normal.”  I’ve actually been limiting my carb intake somewhat and I’ve noticed that my blood sugars have been much better recently.  A good quote from her article “the Himalayan peaks and valleys are replaced by less jagged tracings with few excursions outside of my target range.”  That’s basically what I’ve been noticing too from my recent changes.
  3. Stephen from Happy-Medium sums up perfectly the abuse that our bodies go through on a daily basis.  He relates all of our great technology today as also a source for wounds (finger pricks, infusion set needles, CGM needles, etc.) but with the new technology, we become stronger.  As Stephen says “I like to think that with all of our holes, we’re even stronger than ever.”  A very good post, in my opinion. 🙂
  4. Sara created an amazing video over at Moments of Wonderful.  Seriously, head over there and check out her amazing video that she did to raise money for JDRF.
  5. Shara over at Diabetic Doc had a very well written and informative post on all the advancements we have had and why we should be patient while waiting for the cure.  I have been discouraged in the past that so much focus has been put on the “artificial pancreas” and not on finding a cure (I know this isn’t true but the AP is getting a lot of attention these days). One quote from her article was perfect:

The artificial pancreas is going to be the next big life-changer. The preliminary data is astounding, with Dr. Damiano’s study giving trial patients projected A1Cs of 6.3% with less work than they put into their diabetes now. Why would we not support this?

Finally, I follow Diabetes Forecast (the magazine) on Twitter and they tweeted an article from earlier in the year and my history loving self really enjoyed the read.  It’s on the history of the A1C and I didn’t know a lot of the information so it was a good read.

Hope ya’ll had a great September!  I’m ready for October to go pumpkin picking/carving, drink some hot apple cider and dress my dog up in her first Halloween costume :).

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  1. Thanks for mentioning my post on Food. My diet is certainly a work in progress and things have been a bit bumpy lately. But there is no doubt that the excursions up and down would have been larger if I had been eating more carbs. So I am still committed and working hard to eat conistently well.

    Keep on running and I can’t wait do see you complete a half marathon. I’ve probably said this to you before, but I believe exercise is the most important factor in why I am as healthy as I am after 37 years of Type 1. I also think it has saved me from being too mentally wacky:)

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