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Since it’s Friday, I’m going to do this in a “Friday 5” layout

  1. Watch this video-it’s amazing.  It’s a video by JDRF and it is a very moving video.
  2. TSA Cares-TSA has a program for someone like me (T1D) where I can avoid some headache and violation by contacting TSA ahead of time and going through their program.  They mention that if people don’t use it, it will go away-so USE it!  I just learned about it but I will definitely give it a try next time I fly.  Thanks to Meri at Our Diabetic Life and Sara at Moments of Wonderful for informing me about the program.
  3. Several friends in the Diabetes Online Community had great A1C results in August so I’m happy to celebrate with them: Shara at Diabetic Doc, Laura at A1-Conceive, Liz at Life or Something Like it, Carlyn at Life: One Unit at a Time and Jenn at Sweet Zoo (I’m sure there were others I missed so congrats to all).
  4. Scott at Scott’s Diabetes won the Insulindependence Athletic Achievement Award-congrats Scott!
  5. An infographic has been circulating around and it’s awesome.  It needs to be shared with everyone.

Five great articles from August:

  1. Congrats to Jeff from Jeff Mather’s Dispatches for completing an Ironman 70.3 triathlon!  Having completed a sprint triathlon recently, I can’t imagine doing an Ironman with diabetes.  Jeff is an inspiration!  His blood sugars were pretty high throughout but he never gave up and completed the race and his blood sugars ended up perfectly.
  2. I loved reading Hilary’s story about how her service dog, Rainie did her job well.  It was a very sweet story and makes me want to get a service dog.  My shih tzu doesn’t alert me to anything other than our UPS guy.
  3. Renza at Diabetogenic wrote a great article about keeping judgement to yourself.  A great quote from the article “I have often wondered if the questions shouldn’t be about why the patient isn’t telling the truth but rather why they feel they can’t tell the truth”.  She also offers up an exercise at the end of the article for anyone who has ever been judgmental.  I think this article is so powerful because I doubt there is one single diabetic who is perfect.  We aren’t perfect.  It’s hard to be perfect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for life.  But yet, there are always people judging us on our imperfection.
  4. Katie at Diabetic Advocate wrote about Perseverance and discusses a disappointing A1C result and how she learned her meter might be the cause.  It was a well written, interesting article and makes me wonder about the accuracy of my meter (I’ve since learned that One Touch Ultra-my meter is not even close to being the most reliable meter available-might need to look into a new meter in the near future).  This article also goes great with the Strip Safely campaign.
  5. Christina at Stick with it Sugar wrote a very heartfelt, emotional article that I think everyone should read.  I actually read it while I was hanging out at the pool and thankfully I had my sunglasses covering my eyes because the article brought me to tears.

I enjoyed all the blogs I read in August.  August was a great month but now I’m looking forward to the Fall with football starting up, my fav pumpkin chocolate chip bread, Oktoberfest beer (watch out blood sugar!), fire pit, hot apple cider and did I mention FOOTBALL!?  Go Hokies!!!

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