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Sigh, some days just don’t go your way and other days you want to just yell and scream about how much Diabetes Sucks!


Yesterday, was one of those days.  No matter what I did, I stayed above 180.

I woke up at 220.  I bolused 2.8 units of insulin for the high, pre bolused for my breakfast-19 carbs so I took 2.6 units then ate about 20 minutes later.  I went on with my day thinking everything was fine, proud of myself for having pre-bolused for breakfast (I never do!).  I checked my CGM and I wasn’t looking to good so 2 hours after breakfast, I tested and I was 207.  Well I guess that made sense.  I normally climb between 50-100 points after breakfast and I was high to begin with, but I went to my bolus wizard and it said I should take 1.0 units of insulin.

Then lunchtime rolled around and I was getting hungry.  I tested again and I hadn’t dropped nearly low enough-I was 176.  Grrrr, I’m trying to get my A1C below seven so I decided to bolus for my high and wait to eat lunch until my blood sugar came down. So I put in 1.5 units. My bolus wizard only wanted me to take 1.1 units but I decided I would give my body a little boost and put in an extra 0.4. An hour later I tested and I STILL hadn’t dropped much.  I was 152.  But I was hungry so I went ahead and bolused for lunch (40 carbs so I gave myself 5 units).

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 10.13.57 AM

Yesterday-see how many times my alert went off

2 hours later, I was wanting a little snack.  I tested again and I was 165.  Thinking to myself that’s not so bad after eating 40 carbs at lunch, I went ahead and bolused for my snack (12 carbs so I took 1.5 units of insulin).  My bolus wizard told me I didn’t need anything for my high blood sugar. Two hours later, I was 192.  Bolused for the high (Bolus wizard said I only needed 0.3 but I gave myself 1.3 to kick start it some). An hour and half later, I was 208.  This time my bolus wizard told me 1.2 units but I gave myself THREE units of insulin-I was determined to see a number under 140. Dinner time rolled around two hours later and I was 172-what the what?! My extra 2 units of insulin didn’t do the job?!  I bolused for my dinner (35 carbs so 4.3 units but I gave myself an extra 0.9 units).

Then here is where I might have made a slight mistake.  Around 8:30PM, I was pissed at my day.  I decided F this, I’ve already been high all day, I might as well eat a piece of leftover cake.  It wasn’t a big piece of cake.  I would guess maybe 20 carbs but that is just a guess.  I didn’t use my bolus wizard this time, but I went ahead and put 3.5 units in.  At 10PM, I was 248.  My bolus wizard told me I needed 0.8 so I put in 1.0 units.  Then the crazy thing happened.  I woke up at 12:30AM and I was 300!  Yes, 300!!! I bolused a TON-4.0 units.  Surely that would bring me down a lot.  But nope, 4 hours later, 4 hours is how long my insulin lasts so my bolus at midnight should have done it’s job by now, I was still 285!!! Used bolus wizard again and put in another 4.1 units, but then decided to add an extra 0.5 after that.  I woke up at 7AM and my blood sugar was 190-well thank goodness it was coming down some. FINALLY at 8:30AM, I tested and I was 138.  Phew-getting down finally.

Overnight and this morning

Overnight and this morning

So that was a pretty long drawn out recap of my day.  The main point of this blog post for me is to vent.  I was so frustrated yesterday.  I got my A1C results back a month ago and they weren’t what I was hoping for.  I went on vacation, I trained for a triathlon and finally this week I am getting back to normal.  So I’ve been trying really hard this week to carb count, bolus correctly, etc.  Through all of the craziness of the past month of my life, I have seen my average glucose result climb into the 180’s-it was around 140 before vacation.  So I’ve been trying really hard to change that.  I have been trying really hard this week and then it gets so discouraging to have a day like yesterday.  No matter what I did, even rage bolusing didn’t help.  I counted my carbs perfectly, I used my bolus wizard, I pre-bolused.  I was trying so hard.  This is also a day after I finished reading Ginger Vieira’s book, Your Diabetes Science Experiment (which I definitely recommend).  But in her book she states how you shouldn’t really have any unexplained highs.  You should always be able to pinpoint why you have a high.  I disagree with that point because yesterday I was HIGH all day and I have no idea why.  The only thing I really did wrong was have a small piece of cake at 8PM which I didn’t know how many carbs were in it.  But at midnight, when my insulin and food were out of my system I bolused for the high and yet 4 hours later, I was STILL high.

This is why diabetes sucks.  You can try so hard but then have days like yesterday where nothing makes sense.  I could make guesses why I was high:

  • Bad infusion set (but it was working great on Wednesday)
  • Bad insulin (again same insulin from Wednesday)
  • Didn’t carb count correctly (nope, I was really disciplined about that)
  • Didn’t use bolus wizard (nope, I did that one as well)
  • Didn’t drink enough water (I am guilty of this-could it have made the big a difference with my blood sugars?)
  • Didn’t exercise (so after the triathlon I have taken this week “off” so that could be one reason, but why wouldn’t all of the bolusing for highs fix that?)
  • Motor error-I have gotten a motor error TWICE this week on my pump.  I’m not sure if this could be the reason for my highs because I have seen insulin drops come out of my cord, so I know it’s doing something

I still can’t figure out why my extra boluses weren’t working.  And I wasn’t really all THAT high until nighttime, so I didn’t see a big need to change my infusion set or anything.  It gets pretty depressing when diabetes seems to be controlling you.  No matter what I did yesterday I couldn’t control my diabetes. It looks like today might be a repeat so I’m going to change my infusion set, change my insulin.  I’ve already run this morning so hopefully that will make an impact.  I’m going to drink lots of water and I’m going to try hard to not get upset over my blood sugars and not let diabetes win.
I’m not off to a good start because I was 138 at 8:30AM this morning (finally a number I was happy to see) but then I went for a run and it’s now 10AM, I haven’t eaten ANYTHING today and I’m 232.  Sigh-time for an infusion set change and time to call Minimed! 🙁

How I felt yesterday

How I felt yesterday

I did manage to test my ketones this morning though and luckily it was negative so there’s at least one positive of the day-I also haven’t tested my ketones in YEARS, probably more like decades to be honest.

13 thoughts on “Diabetes Sucks

  1. You poor thing. You have more patience than I do! After 5 hours or so if I’m not seeing results I freak out and change my infusion site. I agree with you, we will have those days of unexplained highs no matter how good we have been it happens. I hope today starts to get better for you.

    • Yeah, well throughout the day I wasn’t thinking anything was wrong because I wasn’t getting *too* high so I was just thinking I needed to bolus a little more. It wasn’t until midnight and 4AM that I was in freak out mode but I was too tired to do anything until this morning :-/ I have a new pump coming tomorrow so hopefully that will fix things. Not sure if it is because of the motor error but getting a motor error twice in one week was worth calling Medtronic about I think

  2. Yup, diabetes sucks. Do you think your insulin to carb ratios are correct? Have you done any testing lately to check that? I use this method to check my I:C ratios. a) no IOB b) eat something that is pre-packaged and has carb count (i.e. granola bar, 100 cal. snack pack, can of soup, etc.) c) record BG before eating and I:C ratio used d) test 2-3 hours later. I did this for like 3 days straight and realized my carb ratios weren’t low enough. Just an idea…

    • I think so. *Normal* days my I:C ratio works fine. I’ve done extensive basal testing-granted back in the Spring so it’s not that although I could do for a spruce up. The hard thing was I was *ok* Monday-Wednesday, it was just yesterday and now today that seem to be off. I don’t think I’m sick, it’s not that time of the month-so unusual. I did change my infusion set this morning although I’m still high-BG 200, but I’m coming down.

  3. I’m exhausted reading about your day. No wonder we’re mental wrecks sometimes and it’s amazing that we’re as sane as we are. Best wishes for smoother days ahead.

    • Yeah seriously! Not only were the high blood sugars exhausting but hearing the darn CGM alarm going off every 2 hours was no fun either. Thanks for the wishes! I’m hoping things turn around quickly!

  4. Kelley, sorry to hear about the stubborn highs. There are a number of things it could be, and it could even be more than one thing. I do know one thing: You’re doing everthing you know right now to get the BGs where you want them. Don’t give up. You are moving in the right direction.

    • Thanks 🙂 Yeah, things have improved a lot since Friday. I’m not sure what it was-infusion set, insulin, pump, lack of exercise, etc but I changed my infusion set, got a new pump, put a brand new bottle of insulin in and everything started to get back to normal thankfully

  5. I think it’s the insulin vial in your pump. If you are seeing drops of insulin on the OUTSIDE of your vial, there is something wrong with the vial, probably not the pump.I had this happen with Lantus vials a couple of times. I was using a pen, and for two weeks things just got worse and worse till I realized I had a wet hand every time I injected. IOW you only think you’re bolusing. The insulin’s not going where it should ( or at least some of it isn’t.

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  9. I’m trying so hard to have less of these types of days, but sometimes it seems like the more control I try to have the more out of control I get !! It’s so frustrating. I finally got my A1C below an 8, but man is it a lot of work (sigh) one day at a time I guess.

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