Too sweet for my pancreas

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But not too sweet for bugs….

Bug bites

Bug bites

Last Sunday, I went to a cookout at my mom’s and I provided a nice feast for the bugs.  I’m not sure if you can tell from the photo but I had 14 bug bites on the back of my legs, about 20 on the front and 20 on the top half of my body-way too many for just one person to have.  I looked like I had chicken pox (and itched just as bad!).

Also, I had my endocrinologist appointment this morning.  She said I was “perfect” if I was just a “regular” diabetic, but since I’m trying to get pregnant, I have a lot more work to do.  $50 for my co-pay for her to spend 10 minutes listening to me talk, not looking at any of my CGM graph printouts, and telling me that one sentence.  Not quite worth it but in her defense, I was all over the place during the 2 week cruise and since getting back from the cruise I’ve been exhausted from the vacation and also from trying to prepare for the triathlon so my numbers haven’t exactly been normal.  I go back in two months so hopefully I will have more to work with and get more advice/help from her.

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    • Oh funny! I always wondered if all diabetics had issues with bug bites, or was it just me? I seriously got eaten up last week! Thanks 🙂

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