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Yesterday around noon I decided to randomly sign up for a 5k race-the Cul de Sak 5k.  The Cul de Sak 5k race is a series of three races on July 8th, 15th and 22nd. It’s a good series for people training for bigger races to improve on their times.  I am going to be traveling on the 22nd so I will only be completing the first two.  I signed up for the race because I have never actually ran a 5k before.  I have run a 10k, an 8k, have a triathlon coming up in August and I’ve walked several 5ks (JDRF Walk for the Cure last year) but I’ve never actually ran a 5k.

I decided to sign up and run the 5k because I have the triathlon coming up in about a month.  I was nervous because it was a night run and I’ve been running in the morning so I wasn’t positive how my blood sugar would do.  This was also my first race without my husband.  He normally runs right beside me carrying my test kit and sugar for me but he had to work last night so wasn’t able to make the race.  It was also ridiculously hot out.  I think when we actually ran it was 85 degrees with 100% humidity so it felt like 110 (well in my head at least).  I seriously have never sweated so much before, even more than when I did Bikram Yoga!

I started the race towards the beginning where all the fast runners hang out.  I kept up with them at first, running at a 9 minute/mile pace-way more than my normal 12 minute/mile pace.  But then I quickly declined and settled into my 12 minute pace.  I had set a goal to finish before 36 minutes, which I unfortunately didn’t do but I finished at 36’20” so not too far behind. When I started the race my blood sugar was 168.  I suspended my pump because I had 1.2 units insulin on board so I was nervous about dropping too much.  Halfway through the race I un-suspended my pump and when I finished the race my blood sugar was 122…pretty darn perfect for me!

I’m very happy I signed up for the race and pushed myself.  I’m hoping to do even better next week.  These races are great preparation for the triathlon in August, not only for training purposes but also for blood sugar purposes.  It was good to see how a race can impact my blood sugar because it is a lot different than just going for a run around my neighborhood.

Since this was also my first actual 5k race, it was  PR for me, and according to my Nike running app, it’s also the fastest I’ve run 🙂

My sis, friend and I after the race-we are so sweaty!

My sis, friend and I after the race-we are so sweaty!

Can't quite tell but there was a double rainbow after the race :)

Can’t quite tell but there was a double rainbow after the race 🙂

Tried to capture the full rainbow

Tried to capture the full rainbow

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 10.32.08 AM

4 thoughts on “Cul de Sak 5k race

  1. Way to go on the 5K! I’ve got one coming up on Sunday, and I know what you mean about the heat. I just tell myself “It will all be over in around half an hour”.

  2. Wow, you are a rockstar!!! And great job on the blood sugar management too!! My goal is to some day do a 5K and run the whole thing. I’ve done a few, but always had to take walk breaks during the run. 🙁 My PR is 39:40, so I’ve got some catching up to do to keep up with you! LOL

    • Aww you can do it! I literally couldn’t even run for one minute last year and now I have just signed up for a half marathon! All it takes is a little time each week and you will be surprised how quickly you can build up to a 5k 🙂

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