Wordless Wednesday-ouch! (warning this isn’t pretty)

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My CGM sensor left a nice mark on Sunday (took photo on Monday-it got even darker by this morning)

Nice CGM sensor bruise

Nice CGM sensor bruise

Because you have to take the good with the bad or in this case the bad with the good, I figured I would include a happier photo also.  Since I signed up for a triathlon on Monday, I decided I needed a bike rack for my car so I could take my bike places to train outside of my hilly neighborhood.  The bike rack I bought came with a beer opener-score!

SUV bike rack with a beer opener

SUV bike rack with a beer opener


5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday-ouch! (warning this isn’t pretty)

  1. Ouch is right! The kinds of sensors that leave those kinds of marks usually last less than a few hours for me. (I can afford to rip them off early because the others stay on much later than they should). On the other hand, it’s nice to see someone else with a Medtronic CGM — I feel like we’re part of a dying breed.

    What’s that oval-shaped tape you have covering it? The IV3000 I use is rectangular — and also leaves a smelly, sticky residue on the transmitter. (I ordered some Opsite Flexifix a few weeks ago, but it somehow got lost in the mail between Brooklyn, NY and New Jersey, so I still haven’t received it. I’m wondering if it might be better).

    • Yeah, somehow I have lasted for 3 days with it. I’m not sure it’s had the best accuracy but I figured if it was going to leave such a nasty mark I had to get something out of it. I’m a little scared to take it out and have blood gushing out too…I’ll find out later today.

      It’s the Tegaderm tape. I’m not sure if I am extremely brand loyal or just lazy to try out new tapes, but I’ve been using Tegaderm tape for as long as I’ve had my insulin pump. When I first got my CGM, Medtronic gave me different tape to use for the sensor, which was fine but since I already had a ton of the Tegaderm tape, I just stuck with that. It does leave a slight residue on the sensor but it’s not usually too bad.

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