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Yesterday, I watched my sister compete in her first ever Olympic triathlon.  It was such a fun experience to be a part of as I cheered on all the competitors.  Watching the race yesterday made me want to push myself to try to do a triathlon, especially since I have started running.

Feeling motivated, I have decided to sign up for my first ever triathlon!  I’m doing the Commonwealth Sports Medicine Pink Power Triathlon. It’s not an Olympic like my sister’s, only a Sprint but it will still be a rewarding experience.  The race is August 18th, which is only 54 short days away so I have quite a task at hand to prepare for it.  It will also be my first race that I will be doing without my hubby- sad face 🙁 but he will be in charge of holding my pump while I swim :).

In case you don’t know what a sprint triathlon includes, it’s a 400 meter swim (some are 750M or 800M), an 11 mile bike ride (some are 12 or 13 miles) and a 5k (3.1 miles) run.  An Olympic triathlon is 1.5 k swim (0.93 miles), 25 (or 26) mile bike ride, and a 10k (6.2 miles) run. There are also two other triathlons-Half Ironman and Ironman which are even crazier.  Half Ironman is 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike ride and 13.1mile run and Ironman is double that-2.4 mile swim, 110 mile bike ride and 26.2 mile run-YIKES!

August 18th is less than 8 weeks away.  I’ve been looking for training plans online to prepare for the race and they are all at least 8 week programs so I guess I will be beginning yesterday ;-).  I have been running so I’m not too scared about running a 5k, but I haven’t swam in quite a while, still getting over the fear of wearing my CGM sensor in the pool, and while my husband gave me an awesome bike as a birthday present last year, I have probably only biked twice in the last ten years.  So I really need to step up my training for the bike and swim portions.

I have been researching training plans and they are pretty varied in terms of what to do.  Some plans have you doing either a run and a swim on one day or a run and a bike ride the same day or only have you doing one sport per day.  I’m going to try creating my own plan.  I have already planned to run 3 miles on Tuesdays, 2 miles on Thursdays and 4 miles on Saturdays (although I haven’t been running the last three weeks).  So I am going to stick to that “routine” but switch it up by 1 day (M,W instead of T,R) and just incorporate swimming and biking.  Here is my plan:

Mondays-Run 3 miles and Swim
Wednesdays-Run 2 miles and swim
Saturdays-Run-4 miles

Each week I plan on increasing swimming and biking distances and maybe the week or two before the actual race I will try to do all three sports together.  I’m not sure if this is a great plan or not.  I may even switch it up some.  I will also have to pay close attention to how swimming and biking affect my blood sugars.  Since swimming and biking are things I have not done much of recently, I have no idea how they will affect my blood sugar.

I also have the added disadvantage of traveling for three weeks in July so that will alter my training plan a lot.  Hopefully, I will still be able to train while I’m away.  This will be my first ever triathlon but hopefully having trained and ran a 10k and 8k race in the past few months will aid in my preparation for the tri. Here’s hoping!

My sis biking during the tri

My sis biking during the tri

My awesome sis crossing the finish line!

My awesome sis crossing the finish line!

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    • Thanks! 🙂 It’s a new found willpower-this time last year I was perfectly happy having tv show marathons 😛

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