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Frustrating weeks happen.  Warning-this post is mainly me venting.  It also ended up being a lot longer than I was anticipating, it was just one of those weeks. :-/

I had a bad week with my blood sugars when I was at the beach in May, but after that I recommitted to getting good blood glucose readings and I was recommitting to working out.   The last week in May and the first week in June were going great.  I had a few great days of diabetes.  I ran the Stratford 8k race and while I didn’t make a great time, I did it.  I even joined my sister for an Endorphin Fitness class during their “bring a friend week.”  That workout kicked my butt but it was such a good workout. I was on such a high with working out and having great blood sugars that I wrote about what my new workout routine would be and I was excited about the plan.  I even made a new endocrinologist appointment.  Things were going great!

Then things changed last week and I’m not sure why-Oh Diabetes, why don’t you ever make sense?  My blood sugars were high pretty much all week and despite my efforts, I wasn’t able to get any days to look great.  Maybe it was all the rain we got last week which may have caused my lack of exercise. Maybe it was having a few nights of too much fun.  Or the stress from work.

Last week was my last week at the gym before my Living Social deal ended.  I only went to the gym on Monday to lift weights and then on Tuesday to do yoga, where my blood sugar got low so I had to leave in the middle of it.  I didn’t run at all last week either.  So much for my great workout plan.  Then my membership ended and my hubby and I decided to not renew until August because July is going to be a busy month for us so we probably won’t get a chance to get to the gym too much (as a side note we are going to try P90X again but haven’t started yet).

Normally, I don’t drink too much.  I do like wine and I love a good Cosmopolitan (the drink not the magazine) but I don’t typically drink excessively.  However, two Saturdays ago I went to an event with live music and dancing with beer and wine tasting and they gave out two glasses of wine as part of the ticket to get in.  Well my hubby and I met up with friends beforehand at a bar and had a few beers then we went to the event and I had my two free glasses of wine, then I got another glass of wine.  Needless to say, I woke up the next day hungover.  As a result, my blood sugar stayed high all day.  In case you were wondering why it was high because being hungover isn’t a cause for high blood sugar (at least not that I know of), it was because I went to McDonald’s for lunch and then Chipotle for dinner.  I was craving salt and carbs and I got them.  Then this past Friday, I went to happy hour with a friend and happy hour quickly turned into five hours of drinking and then I came home and went with my hubby to a neighbor’s and kept drinking at their place.  Again, the following day was no fun for me.  It consisted of staying in bed and watching a lot of movies while I recovered.

So by this point, my body is hating me.  Not only was I not working out but I was also drinking too much, eating crappy and not taking care of my blood sugars.   I was also having a problem with my ear.  I had already gone to the doctor once but it didn’t get any better so I had made a new appointment to get it checked out again and that appointment was this past Thursday.  I went to the Ear, Nose and Throat doctor and he basically told me he didn’t think anything was wrong with my ear and maybe I had TMJ so I should talk to my dentist.  I thought he was crazy at first because I have never had any jaw issues but I did read that ear pain can be a symptom of TMJ so I guess I will find out when I go to the dentist next week.  The doctor appointment also brought further stress to me because the appointment was at 3PM, which was exactly when the bad storm was planning to hit Richmond.  Not only did I feel bad for leaving my dog, who is traumatized by storms, but I was scared to drive in it.  I lived in DC last year when the derecho hit and it was not fun.  At first, they were saying this was going to be a derecho but then they downgraded it to a bad storm but I still wasn’t happy about it.  When I arrived at the doctor’s office, it was a beautiful, sunny day and I had my umbrella with me because I was prepared for the storm.  The receptionist made fun of me for having such a big umbrella and made sure she pointed it out to all of her co-workers.  I was quite perturbed by this even though it was a big golf umbrella (hey, I had just grabbed the first one I saw in my house).  However, when I was leaving she wasn’t laughing.  There was a HUGE dark cloud outside the office and I made it to my car right as the downpour began.  Although, then I had to drive in it which wasn’t fun but I made it home OK.  Also during that appointment, the doctor relocated me FOUR times to different rooms.  It was a little comical at the end although I was so worried about beating the storm home that I wasn’t laughing too hard.  Seriously, who gets moved to a different room four times during a doctor’s visit?

So I was already having a crappy week and then my sensors for my CGM arrived and they were HOT.  Hopefully the heat didn’t damage them because they are so freaking expensive, I would hate to have to throw them out if they don’t work properly.  I also noticed that the box date was in May so they expire in November, instead of December like I was hoping since I ordered them in June.  Oh well.

To add insult to injury, my CGM decided to keep me up all night last night (it’s actually been keeping me up a lot the past week with high blood sugars but this is fresh in my mind).  I guess I shouldn’t blame the CGM, it’s just doing it’s job.  I should be blaming my stupid pancreas.  I went to bed at 10:30 last night and my BG was 229 so I bolused for the high (0.3 since I had active insulin).  Well since I have been trying to get better blood sugar numbers, I decided to drop my alert to alert me when my BG is above 200.  Well it was above 200 the ENTIRE night last night.  So at 11:20PM it went off telling me I was high (sensor said 273, meter said 233) so I bolused AGAIN (1.5 units).  Then it went off at 12:45AM with a high alert (Sensor said 252 and meter said 202).  I put more insulin in (1 unit).  And again at 2:12AM (sensor said 201-didn’t test my blood sugar on my meter) and then again at 3:45AM (sensor said 225, didn’t test BG) and AGAIN at 5:11AM (sensor-232, meter-142).  So I got an amazing night of sleep.  I did change my sensor last night before bed, so I’m giving it a break that it wasn’t too accurate throughout the night but I kept bolusing for the high and I never got below 142!  I woke up late this morning since I slept so bad and at 9AM it was 167.  Grrr.  I have been fighting with a high since.  I went for a jog this morning and after the jog, my blood glucose was 193, so I bolused for the high.  I skipped breakfast so it would come down and as of 11:45AM today, my blood glucose is still 196!  I haven’t eaten anything and I have been putting in a lot of insulin so the only thing I can think of is I’m either sick, my infusion site that I changed is no good or the insulin I changed last night is no good.

On top of it all, work was bad last week and then my husband and I killed our cucumber plant.  We have never planted a garden before and had no idea that a cucumber plant would grow so much. We had planted it with habernero, basil and jalapeño plants.  And it completely took over.  It even started to attached to our flowers in our yard.  So my hubby and I decided to dig it up and put it into a planter of its own.  Unfortunately, we didn’t realize when we were digging it up that it’s roots had expanded so much.  We cut through a lot of roots to finally dig it up and transfer it to the new planter.  It’s not 100% dead but it’s not looking very happy at all.

Hopefully I don’t sound too whiny, work did play a big part in my crappy week too but I won’t go into details.  I know other people have had way worse weeks and my issues probably don’t seem too bad to some.  But for me it was just one of those weeks where I felt like nothing was going right and it made it harder for me to deal with things that normally wouldn’t upset me so much (like the lady making fun of my umbrella).  My blood sugars were not good at all the past week.  My 7 day average on my test kit now says 193, whereas two weeks ago it said 154.  :-/  Hopefully the dark cloud has moved away and I can get back to having better weeks, especially with my diabetes.  I go to the endocrinologist in two weeks so I want to have two amazing weeks with my diabetes.  I did do a mile run this morning, which isn’t too long but hey it’s a start.  Now if I could only get my blood sugar lower. :-/  Rage bolus here I come….

Oh and I ended up with a nice knot in my infusion set last week also

Oh and I ended up with a nice knot in my infusion set last week also

Oh and one more thing I just remembered (how could I forget)-our air conditioning unit broke last week too!  Well I don’t know if it’s technically broken, it stays around 80 degrees instead of getting hotter but we had an appointment with the AC guy last Wednesday and he canceled on us so we are still waiting to get it fixed :-/

7 thoughts on “Frustrating weeks happen

  1. I know this sounds counter-intuitive, but when I’m high and haven’t eaten anything, sometimes *eating carbs* will bring down my sugar. (I discovered this little nugget of info when I was 4-5 weeks pregnant.) Turns out, you can actually get “carb deficient” and your liver decides to spew out all this extra sugar, even though you don’t want it to. And because you take more and more insulin trying to bring it down, your liver pumps out more and more sugar. Also, drinks TONS of water. That just helps dilute the sugar in your bloodstream regardless. Hope it all works itself out soon!!

    • Interesting! Thanks for the tip 🙂 Yeah, I haven’t eaten anything since a cupcake (bad I know) last night around 9PM and I’ve been in the 200’s since. I have been putting in more and more insulin all night/morning and haven’t dropped below 190. I finally put in 3.5 units and I’ve budged down to 175 but I’m starving (2PM here now) so I’ll take your advice and try it out. I also haven’t drank much water (I’m so bad at that). Thanks!

  2. Sorry you’re having such a crap week. Too bad you can’t kill diabetes instead of the cucumber plant.

    One small hint, you can reroute FedEx packages to FedEx Office stores and UPS packages to UPS stores. It’s free with FedEx and you just go online with your tracking number. With UPS you have to join the UPS My Choice program and then it is $5 to reroute a package. I live in Minnesota and use it whenever sensors and test strips are being delivered in the winter and it’s definitely worth the $5. You can also do it when a package requires a signature like a new pump.

    So I hope things look up for you soon. Every time life seem to start going OK with diabetes, things change:( But when things are bad, they usually get better:)

    • Oh, thanks! I love that hint. Yeah, I don’t know if I just haven’t ordered sensors during a hot week before or what, but I was nervous when I received the package-those things are expensive! I’ll have to try it out next time.
      Yeah, more poor cucumber plant :-/ Wish it would have been diabetes instead, that would have made this the best week ever 🙂
      Thanks for your tip! 🙂

  3. It’s okay to vent. We all have to let it out somehow. Sometimes when I’m high and can’t seem to get down eating and just adding a correction bolus to my meal time bolus does the trick. I never skip a meal because I’m high.

    • Thanks 🙂 Yeah, I don’t normally either but I’m going to the endocrinologist in 2 weeks so I wanted to have some good numbers to show her so I thought by waiting to eat, I could bring it down…but I’m hungry so I’m going to go ahead and eat, hopefully it will all work itself out sooner rather than later, I want my A1C to be below 7! 😛

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