How to Get Carelink Software to Work on a Mac

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Yesterday, I posted about the frustration I had getting the Carelink software to work on my Mac.  I mentioned in my article that I got my husband to help me install the Java plug-in but in case anybody out there has the same problem I had and doesn’t have my hubby to help them, below I have provided some screenshots of what he did on how to get Carelink software to work on a Mac:

These instructions apply to the latest Mac OSX (10.8.4), running the latest version of Safari (6.0.5). Macs do not come with Java installed by default- my husband explained that’s to protect users from the numerous security risks Java poses. You should only allow trusted sites, like Minimed, to run any Java content on your computer.

Log onto Caremark’s website.  Yesterday I tried three different web browsers but today I am sticking with Safari (and it’s working).  First few screens are going to be very similar to yesterday.  You will see this when going to the website:


Click OK, then click the Missing Plug-in words on the page and you will get this screen:


When you click “More Info” on the pop-up, it will take you to Java’s website:

3Agree and download:

4Double click the icon and then you will see this:

5Click continue then you will see this:

6Click Install and you will be asked to log in:

7Then success!

8Click close then go to your system preferences in the upper left hand corner of your computer:


Select Java in the last row under System Preferences

9You will then get this pop-up:

10Click the security tab and say OK, then this will pop up, select Enable Java Content in the browser and click OK:

9 Your computer will then ask you to log in again:

10Once you type in your password, you will get this screen:



Make sure you quit and reopen Safari for the changes to take affect.  Log back into Carelink’s website.  You should now get this pop-up

13Click the box that says “I accept the risk and want to run this app.” Then select “Run.”  The next screen you will see is this:


Click “Run” and voila! You are ready to upload your device :).15

A few final thoughts.  I’m not sure if this is a problem for anyone else.  I seem to always run into a problem with my Mac when trying to upload my data.  Hopefully, you don’t have the same issues that I do but if you do have any issues maybe this will help you some.  I’m not an expert with computers so I can’t guarantee what I have done will work for everyone who is having issues.  I did look at Medtronic’s website for support on Carelink issues and it didn’t seem to cover the issue I had with Java.  My husband also wanted me to make a point to warn everyone to be careful with what you download on your computer. 🙂

Hope this helps and happy Friday :).

5 thoughts on “How to Get Carelink Software to Work on a Mac

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience. I’m a 49 year old Type 1 Diabetic and had just purchased my Medtronic Paradigm insulin pump yesterday. Being a Apple user for ages now, was so happy to know that it seems online that Medtronic had issued the software for it to be compatible with Carelink!

    Sadly, with the new OSX10.11.1 updated on my MacBooks, it seems that it’s not support! Sigh…now I have to get my nephews who are still using Windows to help me with the CareLink reading from my insulin pump.

    I had even called the Medtronic Helpline, but even they are not aware of the new Apple OSX 10.11.1 update…I really wish that Medtronic would bother to update their systems and allow end users like us who need the CareLink software’s support for Apple users.


  2. I recently updated my Mac to OS X 10.11.1 (El Capitan) and CareLink stopped working again, but I was able to get it working. It’s pretty easy.

    First, enable the “Develop” menu in Safari. Go to File > Preferences and click on the “Advanced” tab. Then select “Show Develop menu in menu bar.”

    In the Develop menu’s “User Agent” menu item, select “Internet Explorer 9.0.”

    Go to CareLink and upload your data, view reports, and whatnot!

    Congratulations! You’ve just outsmarted CareLink and proven that there’s no good reason it isn’t supported for Mac. 🙂

    • Is that work around still working for you? I just tried it and get this error message:

      We’re sorry, but it seems that CareLink Clinical Software is experiencing technical difficulties. We are working to resolve this issue quickly. Please try again later.

      We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

      Thank you,
      Medtronic IT

  3. I’m using OSx 10.11.4, Safari 9.1 and Java 8 Update 101.

    Allowing Java to run without restrictions, as suggested by MiniMed’s troubleshooter. didn’t enable the upload; neither did changing the user agent.

    The solution which worked was to use Firefox v48 rather than Safari or Chrome.

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