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I used to subscribe to Diabetes Forecast and I loved reading it.  However, I did feel like they mainly had advice for Type 2 Diabetics and because I also had about 6 other magazine subscriptions at the time, I let my subscription end.

One thing that I remember vividly from the magazine was one cover photo they did of a diabetic’s finger.  This finger had 0 prick marks.  The magazine’s next issue had letters to the editor where they were in uproar over the prick-less finger.  I remember being just as outraged after reading the letters to the editor.  My fingers don’t look anything like that cover photo either!  But wait a minute, oh yes, my thumb and pointer fingers are actually prickless.  Why you ask?  Because I only use 6 fingers.

I’m not sure when I started this habit but I only use my pinkie, ring finger and middle finger to test my blood sugar.  I think it comes from bad experiences when I was little of pricking my pointer finger then having it hurt and needing it to use for everyday tasks.  So my thumb and pointer fingers do look like the magazine cover.

However, my other 6 fingers do not.  I have so many prick marks and callouses on my fingers from pricking too much that most of the time, I have a hard time getting blood out of them.  I usually end up pricking two to three fingers each time I test because I just don’t get blood out of some fingers.  I usually test 10 times a day or so and since I only use 6 fingers, I end up repeating fingers a lot.

FYI, this was supposed to be a Wordless Wednesday post-oops :-p

My 6 (please ignore my fingernails, it's obviously time for a manicure)

My 6 (please ignore my fingernails, it’s obviously time for a manicure)

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