A Diabetes party-Mother-in-law’s visit

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Last week, my mother-in-law visited for a few days.  She is also a Type 1 Diabetic and she brought her boyfriend with her who was a Type 2 Diabetic.  We had quite the diabetes party :-P.  It was my MIL’s first time visiting Richmond and she and her bf wanted to see a lot of Civil War sites.

Monday, we had a busy day.  We started off at the Museum of the Confederacy.  The museum itself was fairly small and included a lot of reading but had some cool artifacts that were nice to check out.  The museum also included a tour of the White House.  No, not that White House.  The White House that Jefferson Davis lived in when he was President of the Confederacy.  I enjoyed the tour of the house more than the museum.  When we visited last Monday, June 3rd, it was actually Jeff Davis’s birthday so it was kind of cool to be touring his house on his birthday.  We also went to Hollywood Cemetery where Jefferson Davis is buried.

Jefferson Davis's gravesite

Jefferson Davis’s gravesite

Two other presidents are also buried there, Monroe and Tyler.  We then finished the day at Tredegar Iron Works, which was a historic iron works that provided half of all the canons to the Confederacy.

We continued their visit Tuesday by visiting Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson.



It was a gorgeous day out-high 70’s and no humidity.  We walked around the gorgeous gardens and took a tour of the house and ate at the cafe outside.  We completed our visit with a stop at Blenheim vineyards, doing a tasting then getting a bottle of wine and sitting out on their pretty deck.

Glass of chardonnay at Blenheim vineyard

Glass of chardonnay at Blenheim vineyard

As I mentioned above, my hubby’s mom is a T1D.  I was impressed with her good control as she was near perfect every time she tested (perfect for me at least between 100-130).  Only on one day did she wake up with a high blood sugar of 266.  Her bf on the other hand did not do as well.  I only saw him test one day and he was 426.  He didn’t even bring his medicine down on the trip with him.  Although, he didn’t seem like he was struggling too much.  If I had been over 400, I’m pretty sure I would be feeling like absolute crap.  He took his high blood sugars in stride though and kept up with us over the busy couple of days and was in good spirits.

The visit was a good one but it also showed just how different each person with diabetes is.  My mother-in-law seemed to have the disease in check, she even mentioned how her last A1C was 6.7, something I have yet to achieve.  Her bf with Type 2 diabetes, while he didn’t seem to have good control, he managed to not let his high numbers ruin his trip.  And then there is me.  I struggle every single day with diabetes.  I admit I was jealous at how easy it seemed to be for my mother-in-law and at the same time, I felt like I wanted to help out her bf with his diabetes but I didn’t want to stick my nose in his business.

Hubby and I in front of Monticello

Hubby and I in front of Monticello

Testing my blood sugar at Monticello

Testing my blood sugar at Monticello



4 thoughts on “A Diabetes party-Mother-in-law’s visit

  1. I feel like it would be amazing to have an in-law (or a parent!) understand my type 1 the way that your mother-in-law with type 1 can. It’s helpful that my MIL was the person who took me to the hospital when I was diagnosed and has type 2 herself, but she also doesn’t understand a lot of it, like needing to count carbohydrates and keeping food packaging when she cooks for us.

    Beautiful pictures by the way!

  2. That is amazing that your MIL has T1D (not wishing it on anyone, but how wonderful for you). My future MIL was a nurse, so whenever we fly to visit them she always stocks up on regular soda and juice for me, which is super nice, but beyond that we never discuss it.

    Have you asked your MIL if she has any tips for why she is able to maintain such level BG? Just wondering if you’ve ever had any heart to hearts about that. Perhaps she would do a guest post?

    • It’s funny because my MIL and I have never really talked too much about our diabetes. I think starting this blog has made me talk more about my diabetes so this trip I was asking her more questions about hers than I ever had in the past (she’s never really asked me about mine either). This trip I actually did ask her how she’s been able to get a good A1C and she replied that her basal rates are probably too high. Mine were way too high for a while but I was afraid of getting low so I would not put enough insulin in for my carbs and I actually saw her doing the same thing this trip. An example was we both had a piece of cheesecake and the box said it had 31 carbs in it so I bolused for 31 carbs but she only put in for 20 (I’ve been there!) but she somehow gets it to work for her, where I was never able to.
      It is really nice to have people that can understand! My father-in-law has Type 2 Diabetes also and he did a ton of research about “diabetes” when he got diagnosed so he knows a lot about my Type 1 also so trips to visit the in-laws are probably better than they could be…they know more than my parents do and I had diabetes for 9+ years (only counting until I was 18) living with them 😛

  3. Having family members with diabetes (Type 1 or Type 2) can be a mixed blessing. While it’s definitely good to have someone for companionship and support, the close relationship also makes it hard to accept it when the other person chooses not to take good care of themselves.

    My father-in-law is T2, and other than oral medications, doesn’t seem to pay much attention to it. I have no idea what his blood sugars are like or how often he tests — he has never volunteered the info and it’s not my business to ask — but he certainly eats like he doesn’t have any concerns whatsoever (he’s not overweight, BTW). I think the real kicker, for me, was when he went on a trip out of the country for a couple of weeks, and I learned after he returned that he didn’t bring a meter with him. I know what it’s like to be judged and didn’t want to BE a judge, so I said nothing. But it can’t stop those thoughts from going ’round in my head about the possibility of something happening to my wife’s dad.

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