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Yesterday, I talked about my weight struggles and I stated that instead of worrying about my weight or dieting, I would try to be healthy and hopefully my body will look and feel amazing because I’m healthy.  Well in an effort to get healthy, I have tasked myself to do something active everyday.  I’m not sure if this will be overwhelming or not but I’ve done about 2 weeks of this routine so far and it’s gone OK.  The main reason for this post today is to encourage me to stick to this routine.  I’m a stickler for to-do lists and hopefully by sharing it will make me try even harder to stick to it.

Here’s my plan:

  • Monday-Gym-lift weights, Pool-swim laps
  • Tuesday-Run-3 miles easy, Gym-Body Flow class
  • Wednesday-Gym-lift weights, cycle class
  • Thursday-Run-2 miles hard (either sprints or hills), Gym-Body Flow class
  • Friday-Gym-lift weights, Pool-swim laps
  • Saturday-Run 4 miles
  • Sunday-Relax or something fun like roller blading or bike riding
  • Everyday walk my dog 🙂

That’s what would happen in an ideal world.  Since this world is not ideal, the reality is that I got a Living Social deal for my gym that was a 2 month membership for $29 (can’t beat that!).  That gym membership is expiring next week (the 15th) and we (my hubby and I) are debating about renewing it.  We have started an awesome routine of going to the gym but July is going to be a very busy month for us so I don’t think we will renew until August.

Jury’s still out on what we are going to do.  If we don’t join again until August, I’m thinking we might start up P90X again.  We started this a few years back and got through maybe 4 days worth so to avoid feeling like I just threw away that money, it would be nice to start that up again and actually complete it.

I also signed my hubby and me up for the Army Ten Miler in October (and thinking about a half marathon in November) so we will need to start training for that at some point, and in that case my workout routine could change.

I have some options but my main goal is to not let laziness take over.  I am definitely inherently lazy and am perfectly happy being a couch potato but my blood sugars and body disagree and dislike my laziness.  I’ve had a good thing going recently with my running,  10k training and recent gym visits so I hope I can keep up being healthy.  I’m hoping by the time I turn 30 in January I will be in the best shape of my life :).

Walking Scarlett

Walking Scarlett

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