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This is a story of what a bad diabetic looks like.  Ah Beach Week.  An excuse for thirty year olds to pretend they are in college again.  An excuse for me to relax a little about my good control of diabetes and remember how grateful I am that I survived college without any major issues.  Two weeks ago, the week before Memorial Day, I went to Corolla, NC with 25 friends.  Half were former frat guys, two were preggers, two brought their youngins and everyone came ready to drink (well not the two expectant moms).  Jello shots were consumed; tequila was drank; mimosas flowed every morning; Taco Tuesday happened with margaritas all around.  One night was a beer tasting, one night was a bourbon tasting, everyday rum gummy bears were consumed and an unthinkable amount of beer was drank.  And my blood sugar stayed in the 200 and 300s all week. 🙁

Traveling and diabetes is always hard.  I naively thought this week would be different.  We went grocery shopping ahead of time and I bought my usual spinach, turkey, apples.  Dinners were planned ahead of time.  I kept snacking to a minimum.  But I never once bolused for a drink.  And I drank.  Granted I didn’t keep up with the frat guys or even the non-frat guys but I had more than a Type 1 Diabetic probably should have and I did it everyday.  I also tested a lot less frequently than normal, most likely a result of the drinking.  I only did one infusion set change.  I did wear my CGM which annoyed me a little too much with the high alerts.  The weather wasn’t too hot (mid 70’s) but I wondered if being in the sunlight all day warmed my insulin up so it was less effective.  At least I told myself my insulin was being less effective instead of admitting I was failing at controlling my corrections and carb counting.

It was a bad week for my diabetes.  Before beach week I had been trying so hard to get good control of my diabetes.  I had started exercising regularly, I did basal testing, I was being a stickler to carb counting and I was trying to eat right.  I didn’t necessarily have diabetes burnout but I will say the week at the beach was a nice break from over thinking my diabetes.  It was a bad week for my diabetes but all I can do is reflect back on what a fun time it was and get back to my old routine now that I’m home and continue to try and get my A1C Below Seven.  Hopefully the week at the beach didn’t screw me over too much for my next A1C test.

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6 thoughts on “Beach Week 2013

  1. I think it’s okay to have a week like that every once in awhile, especially when you know you are being “bad”. Sounds like such a fun week though!! I’m sure once you’re back to your normal schedule, your numbers will look better!

  2. Ahhhh, the Outer Banks. Heaven!
    I’m glad you had a great, fun week and were able to have a little Diabetes break! It’s wonderful that you recognize that it can’t last forever and are back on track! Don’t beat yourself up – vacations happen. :o)

  3. Sometimes I kinda think we have to give ourselves a break. Even if we can’t take a total vacation from diabetes things like this happen. Even if it’s not smart, it’s really tough to stay on track in situations like that. Don’t be to tough on yourself, we all do it. Just pick up from how great you were doing before vacation and get back to it. You can get below 7!

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