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On Wednesday, I participated in a Day of Diabetes.  This was started by Chris at A Consequence of Hypoglycemia.   For a Day of Diabetes, I live tweeted anything related to diabetes.  Since I had done a CGM sensor and infusion set site changes the night before, it really only included testing my blood sugar and counting carbs.  You can read my day of tweets on Storify (never heard of this site before but it was really cool to check out).

Some notes/takeaways from the day:

I was incredibly nervous to do this because my blood sugars are usually all over the place.  I had seen other people tweet their Day of Diabetes and their numbers were way better than I could ever hope for.  I was embarrassed/ashamed to share my daily diabetic life with others.  However, a funny thing happened.  My day turned out to be OK.  It was like I was getting ready for a visit to the doctor in a week or two.  The two weeks before going to see an endocrinologist, I always try to be the absolute perfect diabetic. I hate when I forget an appointment is approaching because then I look like the worst diabetic when the doctor reviews my last two weeks (they only ever review the past two week but they are forgetting the other 10 weeks between appointments).  Because I knew people were going to see my numbers I tried very hard to keep my blood sugars in good range.  I try everyday to keep good control of my diabetes but I don’t always worry as much as I did on Wednesday.  I should do a Day of Diabetes everyday to keep me in check :-P.

Bananas are the devil.  I never eat bananas.  I don’t mind them but if I’m going to eat fruit I would rather it be an apple or some sort of berry or if I’m low I would rather treat with cookies.  On Wednesday, I woke up perfect, blood sugar was 90 but I was planning on going for a 4 mile run so I didn’t want to run that low.  I decided to eat 2 creme sandwich cookies which have 19 carbs in them.  30 minutes later I tested and I was only 95, still too low for me to go for a run.  Maybe the cookies were a bad idea to bring my blood sugar up quick but I freaked out about running that low so I ate a banana.  It wasn’t a small banana either-it was a big one.  I should have known better since I usually stay away from them but I’m pretty sure this banana had a minimum of 30 carbs (at the time I was thinking only 15 since I very rarely eat them).  So that was 50 carbs at least right off the bat in the morning without bolusing.  Ooops! I went for a run and my CGM was freaking out with 2 arrows up so I stopped mid run, tested and bolused.  I never bolus during a run because I don’t want to get low but in this case I was worried about being too high.  I spent the entire morning making up for my mistake of eating a banana.

After lunch, my blood sugars stayed perfect.  I don’t know if I have ever had a day like that in my life.  I have just recently done basal testing, so with new confidence that my rates are good, I used my bolus wizard throughout the day and since I was trying to be the perfect diabetic yesterday, I even pre-bolused before meals.  I’m guessing the bolus wizard and the pre-bolus were the main reasons for my awesome numbers.  I also tried hard to accurately carb count after being so far off on my banana.

It was a fun day sharing my diabetic moments with the world and getting feedback from some :).  I never felt overwhelmed by having to tweet every moment, more overwhelmed by the stress if I would have good enough numbers.  My great numbers have actually continued on since Wednesday so this makes me very optimistic for my next endo appointment/A1C check if I can keep this up.  I think everyone in the DOC should do this once a month at least because it provided some great results for me.  Thanks for the great idea Chris!

Best diabetes day

Best diabetes day

Perfection :)

Perfection 🙂

6 thoughts on “My Day of Diabetes

    • Thanks for the great idea, I’m glad I could be a part of it, and experience has def helped my blood sugars 🙂

  1. I think it’s really powerful to see so many people sharing so much of their stories. And you know what, even if you had TERRIBLE blood sugars, we would need to see those, too. Because THAT is life with diabetes. Happens to all of us. 🙂

    • Thanks 🙂 Yeah, I never eat them so I didn’t realize just how many carbs were in them, grr. I’m definitely going to avoid them in the future.

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