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I am participating in this month’s DSMA Blog Carnival and the prompt for May is:

What do you consider to be your Diabetes Strengths?  What do you think are your Diabetes Weaknesses?

I’ll start with my weaknesses so I can end on a good note :).  I’m HORRIBLE at counting out chips.  I love chips (way more than sweets) and I could eat a whole bag if given the chance.  Whenever chips come in my presence, I know that my blood sugar is going to be high.  It’s inevitable no matter how hard I try.  My husband always tells me to put the chips in a cup so I don’t eat more than I think but that isn’t nearly as appetizing to me.

I’m bad at changing my lancet.  I’m pretty sure I have gone at least 6 months with one lancet before.  I don’t have any evidence that’s the case but I so infrequently change them that at some point I must have gone that long without changing a lancet.  While we are talking about finger pricks, I am also bad about using alcohol pads every time to clean my finger.  I know this is bad and I’m not sure why I get lazy with this either since who knows what is all over my finger (esp after using my iPhone).

I also suck at changing my infusion set every three days as recommended.  For a while there I was changing my CGM sensor every three days and that helped me to change my infusion set every three days but then I learned you could “trick” the sensor into getting another three days out of it and then my infusion set site changes suffered.  I think I average about every 4 days if I’m lucky.  Some weeks it might end up being every five days and then I get a lovely red mark on my belly.

I’m bad at using or trusting my bolus wizard on my insulin pump.  For a long time my basal rates were too high and as a result I would get low a lot if I used my bolus wizard.  I hate being low so I would just not use the bolus wizard and I would just SWAG (a new term I learned from DBlog Week meaning Scientific Wild Assed Guess, which when I was double checking to see if it was Ass or Assed I found this awesome post).  After a few months of basal testing, I do have much better rates (reduced my rates by half!) so now I am trusting my bolus wizard a little more.  Which also brings me to another weakness-pre-bolusing before a meal.  I am horrible at this.  The main reason I never did this was because my basal rates were never good so I never trusted my bolusing for meals so never thought the pre-bolus was that important.  I also worried that I wouldn’t eat all of my meal and I would be left with extra insulin.  Well now that I have semi-good basal rates and have the realization that I’ve never not eaten what I thought I was going to eat, I need to start doing this more.

I’m pretty sure I could keep listing a ton of weaknesses I have when it comes to my Diabetes.  But I think the biggest weakness I have is my fear of being low.  When I was growing up, doctors told my parents it was better for me to be a little high than to risk a low.  This created a horrible habit for me because I got way more used to being high than low.  If my blood sugar gets below 100, I usually feel low.  I am very happy in the 150-200 range.  I don’t even feel high in the 200’s.  It has to take me to be around 275 before I start to feel slightly bad from a high.  My husband and I are trying to start a family in the next year, so I’ve been trying for about 6 months to a year to really get my blood sugars low but it’s so hard.  It’s such a hard habit to break.  My A1C’s have been in the 7’s and I don’t think my blood sugars are too out of control since I don’t get wild highs usually but staying around 200 is not good to baby to be.  I have to start feeling more comfortable around 80-120.

I’m not sure I have as many Diabetes Strengths as I do Weaknesses.  Brainstorming the weaknesses ideas flowed easily and resulted in a very long list.  Strengths were a little tougher.  I’m great at stockpiling supplies.  Although this might not technically be a strength, I’m set if something were to happen to my insurance for a little bit (working for a small business you never know what could happen).  I have recently started exercising regularly which has helped my overall health.  I like to think I eat pretty healthy (with the exception of a chip pigout) so I don’t get crazy highs.  I test my blood sugar a LOT, like literally a minimum of 10 times per day, quite different from my college days.  I’m organized and can stick to a routine well which is so necessary for good control.  And I suppose the greatest strength I have is that I am good with numbers, I am an accountant after all :-P.  Being good with numbers is a blessing for diabetes control since bolusing and changing basal rates and all requires a ton of math.  I have many strengths and weaknesses when it comes to my diabetes, just like I have good days and bad.  I’m still trying everyday to have control over my diabetes and not let it control me. 🙂

“This post is my May entry in the DSMA Blog Carnival.  If you’d like to participate too, you can get all of the information at

Diabetes supplies stockpile

Diabetes supplies stockpile

7 thoughts on “May DSMA Blog Carnival

  1. Your second to last paragraph is me 100%. Huge fear of going low, but I’ve really made some good strides on this over the last 12 months. My current goal is pre-bolusing at least 15 minutes before every meal (unless I’m below 100…which, is never the case). Hoping to start trying for baby in the next year. =)

    • That’s awesome! I started pre-bolusing yesterday so I’m one day strong 😛 Good luck with baby goals-I’m hoping for next year as well (would be sooner but stupid A1C is getting in the way)

  2. I agree with the targets comment as well. I’m not comfortable in the low-end-of-normal range either (goes back to a time when I aimed for a low-end-of-normal BG and ended up in big trouble more than once). But I don’t raise my high-end target either, which gives me a very narrow window to shoot for. It’s tough.

  3. I can relate for sure! change a lancet? That happens when I can’t get blood from a finger anymore. How awful is that! I was in the same boat about being high safer than low. That was when I had a bad endo who told me that. Now I’m kinda on the low end a lot which I know is so not good. Good luck on things and getting baby ready, that’s where my hubby and I are at too.

  4. Oh those chips – they are a weakness for me too. The cup thing doesn’t work for me because I end up going back and refilling it!! But anyway, you have such a great list of strengths too, so give yourself a big pat on the back for those!! 🙂

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