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Diabetes Blog Week

Today we’re going to share our most memorable diabetes day. You can take this anywhere…. your or your loved one’s diagnosis, a bad low, a bad high, a big success, any day that you’d like to share.

I have gone back and forth on what my most memorable day with diabetes would be.  Obviously my diagnosis day would rank up there as probably the most important day in my life.  The time at diabetes camp when I first gave myself my own injection shot, when I got my first insulin pump, when I got my CGM (probably the most clear memory since it was so recent) or the time that I had my lowest A1C ever-7.1! would all rank as pretty darn memorable in my mind.  These were all very important days but I think the most memorable day I had was when I was in Las Vegas for my sister’s 30th birthday back in 2010.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? Unless you are diabetic.  It was my first (and only) time out to Vegas and we went for an extended weekend, arriving Thursday and leaving Monday.  We stayed in a time-share apartment just off the main strip.  We decided not to rent a car and just got a taxi when it was time to go out.  We were having a great time going to pool parties in the day and then going out to a nice dinner and clubbing at night.  It was a really fun time.  Until Saturday rolled around.  As we were gearing up to go to another pool party, I realized that I was low on insulin.  I went to my carry-on luggage to get my insulin bottle, reservoir and pump cord, routine as usual.  Except when I went to get my supplies, I was missing all of my reservoirs!  I had forgotten to pack them!  I started to freak out because I was so far away from home, wasn’t going home for 2 days and hadn’t done a shot in years.  Since this trip to Vegas was a girl’s trip, my husband (fiancé at the time) didn’t go with us and since he is my rock, I called him freaking out.  Of course there was nothing he could do for me being thousands of miles away, I just wanted to have him calm me down while I processed having to give myself shots for the next 2 days, something so foreign and scary to me.

I called around to all the local pharmacies asking if they had any reservoirs for my insulin pump.  They didn’t because the reservoirs you have to order from the insulin pump manufacturer.  Luckily my amazing husband proved his awesomeness and had called around to local hospitals until he found a hospital that had reservoirs for my insulin pump.  For some reason, none of the hospitals in the Las Vegas area seemed to have any insulin pump supplies.  My sister and her friends had already made plans to go to a pool party that afternoon and luckily they didn’t mind making a stop at the local hospital for me.  My husband gave me a lady’s name to ask for at the hospital and while I can’t recall her name at the moment, she was my hero (besides my hubby).  I met her at the hospital entrance and she took me to the area that had the insulin pump supplies and she only had TWO reservoirs left!  She gave me both of them (and for free).  I quickly put new insulin in and was able to enjoy the rest of my vacation stress-free.  When I got back home, I sent flowers to the lady at the hospital as a thanks.  I’ve never been so grateful.  This was such a memorable day to me because I have never been so scared before.  I am so reliant on my insulin pump and have been for the past 16 years, that I can’t even fathom giving myself a shot.  I literally have not given myself a shot since 1997, nor had to use shots to keep me alive for two days.  My insulin pump is definitely a device that I could not live without so when I was in Vegas thinking about going two days without it I was beyond terrified.  I always overpack supplies so the fact that something like that could happen to me scared me even more.  I now triple check my supplies when going on a trip because I never want to be in a situation like that again.

Vegas baby!

Vegas baby!

Partying at night in Vegas

Partying at night in Vegas


3 thoughts on “Diabetes Blog Week – Memories

  1. Great memory! And great photos! And great husband! And great hero at the hospital!

    Oh, and don’t ever forget that inserter thingy, if you use that. Makes you wish for a simple injection.

    • Thanks! Yeah, I wish I could remember the lady from the hospital’s name-she definitely saved me that day, shouldn’t forget someone like that

  2. Wow, scary situation! glad your husband was able to find a source of pump reservoirs..so you didn’t have to go back to shots! I’ve left D-things at home before..it’s so easy to forget to bring something!

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