Brunch for a Type 1 Diabetic

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This past Sunday my family and I went to Easter Sunday brunch.  I have always loved going out to eat for brunch.  I love how many food options you get (fruit, eggs, bacon, ham, french toast, biscuits, etc) but I also love the mimosas.

However, brunch can be hard for a Type 1 Diabetic.  I have found over the years that the majority of food isn’t worth a high, so even though I like french toast or waffles, I try to stay away from them.  Luckily, fruit, eggs, bacon and ham don’t affect my blood sugar too much, if at all, so I can usually fill up on food pretty easily.

One thing I haven’t given up despite the carbs is a mimosa.  I love champagne and while I don’t particularly care for orange juice, I love having a mimosa with brunch.  I am typically just your Diet Coke and water girl because I hate drinks that have carbs.  I don’t like having to bolus for a drink because it stresses me out.  If a drink has say 30 carbs in it, I won’t know if I will drink all 30 carbs right away or if I will take a few hours to finish the drink, so if I bolused for the carbs, I could possibly drop low if I haven’t finished it.  Now, I am willing to overlook the stress of the carbs of OJ when I have champagne mixed with it.

Normally the champagne glasses are pretty small and if the right % of OJ and champagne is used, there aren’t too many carbs to account for.  This past Sunday, however, my family and I ordered mimosas and we were given a huge glass filled to the top and it included ice.  I started to have a mini anxiety attack because I had no idea how much OJ was used in this big glass.  I assumed they wouldn’t be filling it with a high % of champagne because that wouldn’t make economic sense since champagne is more expensive than OJ but I had no idea.  I ended up asking the bartender and the bartender said it was 3/4 champagne and 1/4 OJ but I was still skeptical.  I ended up putting insulin in for the OJ, not knowing how much to put in.  My blood sugar did end up climbing to 300 a few hours later in the day and I’m not sure if it’s from what I ate or from the mimosa.

Something as wonderful as Sunday brunch with yummy food and delicious mimosas can turn into a nightmare for a Type 1 diabetic.  Despite trying hard to avoid high carb foods and trying to accurately count the carbs I was eating (and drinking), I wasn’t able to avoid a high blood sugar.  Maybe next time I should just order champagne and skip the OJ. 🙂

Big mimosa glass

Big mimosa glass

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  1. Yes, I have exactly the same policy on drinks. The only difference is that I don’t drink alcohol at all so the mimosa wouldn’t have tempted me!

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