Running with Diabetes-6.2 miles!

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Running shoes-10k!

Running shoes-10k!


I can’t believe I did it.  Saturday, my YMCA training team ran 6.2 miles.  No, this was not the actual Monument 10k race that I signed up for, but it was a training day leading up to race day.  The actual race is in 2 weeks but the training schedule has had us building up to a 10k the last eight weeks and they had us run a 10k this past Saturday to help prepare us on what to expect race day.

I never would have thought in my wildest couch potato dreams that I could run that far or for that long.  My sister has always been pretty active and whenever she signed up for a 5k or 10k or triathlon, I thought she was crazy.  Now that I have actually done it I still question her sanity a little bit, but I understand now that it isn’t as impossible as I once thought.

The course we ran this past Saturday included a lot of hills (some major ones in fact) but I actually ran up those hills, something I definitely could not have done four weeks ago.  I didn’t run the entire time though.  I think I ended up walking a total of 0.25 miles.  A few times around water stops (which included slowing down to test my blood sugar once) and after mile four when I was getting discouraged at how much was left.  But despite the few walks, I did run about 6 miles total.

The other amazing thing about Saturday was how well my blood sugar did.  I woke up perfect at 110 and ate a half a cup of Kashi cereal.  I only bolused 0.5 units of insulin, despite my bolus wizard telling me to use 1.8 units.  I wanted to be a little higher and by the time it was time to run, my blood sugar had climbed up to 200 which I was comfortable with.  I did not suspend my pump or eat anything prior to the run and afterwards I was 158.  I am pretty happy with those numbers for such a long race.  My diabetes wasn’t all smooth sailing though.  After the start of the race, I had 2 arrows down on my continuous glucose monitor (CGM) and at one point it was 2 arrows down saying I was 96.  This led me to freak out a little bit which is when I did my one stop to check my blood sugar and I was 199 so luckily my (CGM) was just wrong and I was OK.

Saturday was a very encouraging day because my blood sugar did OK and I was able to complete the run (granted with a little walking but there were some huge hills).  My body has been incredibly tired the last two days but at least I know I can do it and I’m looking forward to race day in 2 weeks!

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