Small victories with Type 1 Diabetes

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Buffalo Wild Wings-March Madness time!

Buffalo Wild Wings-March Madness time!

My friend Dan’s birthday is in March, always around the first weekend of March Madness.  Because, like me, he is a big sports fan, we end up going to Buffalo Wild Wings every year for his birthday to eat dinner, drink beers and watch basketball.  Type 1 Diabetes and going out to eat don’t really go together like peanut butter and jelly because most restaurant meals have so many carbs, which for me can making bolusing hard.  As a result, I typically try to steer clear of Buffalo Wild Wings because I love their wings.  Wait, that doesn’t make any sense right?  Wrong, because I love their wings I often eat more than I should and I ALWAYS underestimate the amount of carbs they have.  I think I underestimate because wings just have too many carbs…especially Buffalo Wild Wing’s wings.  According to, which is my favorite website for keeping track of food and exercise, 4 boneless Asian Zing wings have 56 carbs.  I don’t know about you, but 4 boneless wings, don’t really fill me up so I usually end up ordering at least 4 more (if not 8 more).  Eight boneless wings translates to 112 carbs!  For EIGHT tiny wings.  Pretty ridiculous but so yummy.

However, I have titled this post small victories and you are probably wondering why.  It is because for past few years, I have gone to Buffalo Wild Wings for Dan’s birthday and I have eaten wings and I have under-bolused for my wings and as a result, my blood sugar has always been high. This year, I was determined to not let the wings make my blood sugar high.  I did start a little high though around 200 before eating any wings.  I ate 8 wings, or 112 carbs, but I was too nervous to put in 14 units of insulin (my insulin to carb ratio being 1:8) so I instead put in 8 units of insulin (still a ton for me!).  My blood sugar did climb up to 275 (tested about an hour into eating) but I figured that was mainly a result of starting higher.  Four hours after eating/bolusing, I tested my blood sugar and I was 157, which is pretty good in my book.  Since I am a nerd, I have spreadsheets from years past of my blood sugars, how many carbs I thought I was eating and how much insulin I put in.  This time last year, my spreadsheet told me that I thought my 8 wings had 30 carbs and I only put in 1.5 units of insulin!! My blood sugar didn’t start off high like this year, but after eating the wings, my blood sugar climbed to 295 an hour after eating (where I bolused another 1.5 units) and four hours after eating (with the two boluses), it was still 254.  I’m not sure if other Type 1 Diabetics struggle with going out to eat like I do, but I am trying very hard to get my A1C below seven which is why last Saturday night was a small victory for me.  I was able to eat wings, limit myself to just eight and was able to bolus correctly (or somewhat correctly) to keep my blood sugar at an acceptable number compared to last year when I completely underestimated the amount of carbs and did not put enough insulin in to cover the high amount of carbs which resulted in high blood sugar.

BW3's Asian Zing boneless wings-yummy!

BW3’s Asian Zing boneless wings-yummy!

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