Traveling with Diabetes-What to Pack

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My husband and I love to travel.  We met over 6 years ago and have traveled a lot of great places together.  But since buying a house back in August, we haven’t traveled at all, which is changing tomorrow-yay!  We are going on our first vacation since becoming homeowners.  We love to ski so we are going to Whistler mountain and I am very excited.   However, one thing about traveling that is not fun is the packing, especially if you are a diabetic.

Traveling supplies

Traveling supplies

I always way over pack on supplies because I think about the worst-case scenario, where I am trapped in some city for an unknown number of days.  I take a lot of supplies, including an extra (old) insulin pump, needles (even though I don’t do shots anymore), a lot of batteries (the CGM does really eat through batteries) and extra pump holders among other things.  I personally think that airlines should allow diabetics an extra carry on or a few extra pounds when flying because supplies take up a lot of room.  I usually put supplies that aren’t too immediate like my old insulin pump, needles, etc. in my regular suitcase and my normal everyday supplies like reservoirs, infusion sets, insulin, etc. in my carry-on.  Are you like me and a complete over-packer with your diabetes supplies or do you just take what is necessary for the time you are gone?

*Writing this post/posting the photo made me realize I forgot batteries-oops…another bad thing about traveling is the stress that comes with worrying if you forgot any important supplies.


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  1. I definitely over-pack and have about twice what I think I’ll need for my time away!! Since upgrading my (first ever) pump last year, I now have a spare pump that I can bring along too, which makes me really happy.

    I don’t know for sure, but I think you can bring an extra carry-on for medical supplies. I’ve never needed to, so I’m not definite on that, but I thought someone told me once that they did.

    Hope you had a wonderful vacation!!

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