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ADA's eAG calculator

ADA’s eAG calculator

So it’s been about a month since I had my A1C tested, where my A1C was 7.6 (grr).  However, I have noticed a nice trend on my One Touch Ultralink test kit.  One of my favorite features of this test kit is the All Results Avg page.  It shows your 30 day average, 14 day average and 7 day average.  I like to use these numbers to keep a gauge on how my A1C might turn out and the last week has been encouraging.  My 30 day average is 170, my 14 day average is 162 and my 7 day average is 156.  I know this doesn’t mean a whole lot and the A1C test is the true gauge of how you have been doing over the last few months but my average of 156 is encouraging to me and I hope I can keep getting the number lower.  I went to ADA’s website at www.diabetes.org and they had a nifty “Estimated Average Glucose Calculator” so I entered in my 7 day average of 156, which reflected I would have an A1C of 7.  It’s not the most accurate and it does round the number up but at least 7 is better than my last result of 7.6.  The ADA’s website also provides a nice graph of average blood sugars with A1C results and I’m right at the 7 mark.  I need to try and get my average blood sugar around 140 before my next appointment in April.  Hopefully with all of the running I’ll be doing to train for the 10k in April, I will get there!

ADA's A1C chart

ADA’s A1C chart

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