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Since today is the first day of 2013, I wanted to take some time to reflect on my new year’s resolutions.  Every year my main resolution is always the same-drink less diet coke!  I’m not sure if other type 1 diabetics have this same problem but I have been drinking diet coke since I was diagnosed back in 1993.  It’s a hard habit to break.  I don’t drink coffee, so diet coke is my caffeine.  I’m allergic to milk and hate drinking sugar drinks even if it’s healthy like orange juice, so I also drink diet coke with my breakfast.  So, I drink diet cokes; I drink a lot of diet cokes.

I have never really been one to make a New Year’s resolution to work out or lose weight, I am breaking the streak and making that a new goal for me for 2013.  My husband and I started running 3 times a week back in October and unfortunately, the holiday break had us miss our runs.  I hope to get back to this in the new year.  I heard somewhere that women gain the most weight their first year of marriage and husbands gain the most weight after a divorce.  Well luckily for my husband, we aren’t divorced or divorcing, but unfortunately for me I did keep that stat true and gained about 30 pounds after we got married.  I have no idea how it crept up so quickly.  But in 2013, I’m hoping to get back down to my pre-wedding weight by eating healthier and drinking less, which will also help my blood sugars.

When I started my blog back at the end of October, I was so excited and had so many ideas about articles I wanted to post and posted pretty frequently at first.  But then I got busy with other work and became a little lax with blogging.  For 2013, my plan is to focus more on this website and try to blog three times a week-Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  I want to keep active with this online community especially because it’s a great support system to help manage my diabetes.

I’m looking to 2013 to be my most healthy year yet and I think my new year’s resolutions are realistic and attainable and help me to reach my ultimate goal of getting my A1C below 7.

  • Drink less Diet Coke (or even stop drinking it all together)
  • Keep up with running 3 times a week
  • Start doing another type of workout 2 other times a week-weights, swimming, workout class, etc.
  • Walk my dog twice a day-I get lax sometimes with this since we have a nice big backyard but she still loves her walks (photo of her after a long walk below)
  • Blog three times per week-goal is M,W,F
  • Get my A1C BELOW SEVEN 🙂

Not really new year’s resolutions but in addition to being healthy, I also hope to also travel a lot and finish furnishing and decorating our house.

Our shih tzu, Scarlett, can’t walk for as long as we do so sometimes she likes to be carried after a long walk

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