My bored immune system

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A few weeks ago my husband came across an article published on ( and he shared it with me.  I read it and thought it was very interesting.  It is a review of a book called “An Epidemic of Absence” by Velasquez-Manoff and while I hope I can find time to actually read this book, the review by Diana Gitig did a great job summarizing it.  According to the review, the book describes how the absence of germs and viruses (old friends) in today’s world makes our immune system essentially bored and starts attacking, leading to autoimmune diseases like Type 1 diabetes to become more prevalent.  While the cause of Type 1 diabetes is still unknown, I find the information presented in the article (and book) to be right on par with how I think I got diabetes.  I remember being nine years old and having a really bad ear infection.  A few months later, I got my T1D diagnosis.  While there are no concrete facts linking the two, I always thought it was my immune system attacking my pancreas after my ear infection went away.  The doctors believed it to be hereditary, but no one in my family has or had type 1 diabetes.  Reading this article made sense to me and I hope I can find time to read the book and hopefully others will take note so our bodies can learn to adapt to our new clean world.

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